Finding Myself at Disney+ Pop-Up Event at SM Mall of Asia! #FindYourselfHere

Disney+ brought their stories to life at the #FindYourselfHere pop-up event at Mall of Asia Atrium from May 23-26, 2024! Read about my experience exploring themed zones and falling deeper in love with Disney+.
Calling all Disney+ fans! I dove headfirst into the epic Disney+ Pop-Up Event at SM Mall of Asia, and let me tell you, it was a total blast! From unleashing my inner foodie to channeling my inner superhero, this pop-up had something for everyone. Get ready to discover your own #FindYourselfHere moment!
Let's be honest, who doesn't love Disney? From childhood classics to the latest Marvel hits, Disney+ has something for everyone. So, when I heard about the Disney+ Philippines Pop-Up Event happening at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium, I knew I had to check it out. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint!
The second I stepped into the event, I was transported to a world of pure Disney magic. The entire area was decked out in themed zones, each focusing on a different genre available on Disney+. First stop: the food zone! I swear, the projection mapping made me feel like I was on a world food tour. Every corner makes you feel like you're in a different Disney+ Show!
Next up, the global superstar zone! Here's where I channeled my inner rockstar. There was even a stage set up, complete with flashing lights and everything – perfect for unleashing your inner performer. With music from many trendy artists, I just know a lot of people will enjoy and take pictures of this area because who doesn't want to be a superstar?
But wait, there's more! Feeling a little adventurous? The action zone had green screen technology that turned you into your favorite superhero! I, for one, totally channeled my inner hero by killing all the zombies with my bat. this is so fun and thrilling!
Finally, I ended my journey in the heartwarming zone. This area reminded me of all the amazing shows that make you laugh and cry (happy tears, of course!).
The Disney+ Philippines Pop-Up Event was more than just a chance to take cool photos (though, let's be real, I got some amazing ones!). It was a celebration of everything Disney+ has to offer, with something for every kind of viewer.
If you're in the area and have the chance to visit the pop-up before it ends on May 26th, DO IT! You might just #FindYourselfHere in a world of wonder and imagination. Trust me, it's an experience you won't want to miss!

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