More Than Toys: Community, Creation, and Fun Collide at TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX The Evolution!

Calling all toy enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of creative play! TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX 2024 is here, transforming SMX Convention Center Manila into a vibrant playground June 14-16, 2024! Expect exclusive toy reveals, workshops, celebrity appearances, and more! Get your tickets now!
I recently joined the launch event and press conference at PARQAL Aseana City and it was a blast and made me really hyped up for the upcoming ToyCon! There are booths featuring some of my favorite artists from Solid Toys and more as well as experience areas where people can take photos. It's always a refreshing experience to attend TOYCON because I get to see people who have the same interests as mine and this is also a way for me to cultivate my creative and artistic juices.
So get ready at the Philippines' premier toy and collectible event: TOYCON MNDSTYL FANXL: The Evolution! This three-day extravaganza will take place on June 14-16 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, and it promises an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages.
A Playground for All Ages
So why is TOYCON 2024 is the "Evolution"? This is because there are a lot of exciting upgrades that will happen this year's toy convention! TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX goes beyond just showcasing the latest toys and collectibles. It's a vibrant celebration of the power of play! Here's a glimpse of what awaits:
  • Unveiling the Future of Play: Be the first to witness the launch of new toy lines and limited-edition collectibles from major brands and independent creators. Discover cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the future of play, from high-tech gadgets and educational toys to action figures and designer toys.
  • Interactive Activities: Ignite your creativity and gain new skills at the exciting workshops. Learn the tricks of DIY toy customization, explore the possibilities of 3D printing, or pick up valuable tips on starting and preserving your toy collection.
  • Meet the Masters: Get up close and personal with the creative minds behind your favorite toys! TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX provides a unique opportunity to meet renowned toy designers, popular influencers, and iconic figures from the world of toys and collectibles. Don't miss your chance to chat with your heroes, get autographs, and participate in Q&A sessions.
A Collector's Paradise
Collectors, rejoice! The TOYCON marketplace is a treasure trove featuring a vast array of finds to complete your collection or discover hidden gems:
  • Rare Discoveries: Unearth those elusive missing pieces or that dream collectible you've been hunting for. Explore various toys and collectibles from across different eras and fandoms.
  • Limited Editions: Get your hands on exclusive convention merchandise, limited-edition releases from top brands, and collectibles you won't find anywhere else.
  • Global Vendors: Embark on a global shopping spree! Explore a wide variety of toys and collectibles from vendors around the world, all under one roof.
Building a Community of Fans
TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX fosters a strong sense of community, making it an ideal venue to connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals. Make new friends and expand your network at the exciting networking events. Chat with fellow fans, share your toy-collecting passions, and forge lasting relationships within the hobby.
There are also panel discussions where you can gain valuable insights from industry experts, toy designers, marketers, and trend analysts. Attend panel discussions covering a wide range of topics such as the impact of technology on toy design, the evolving trends in the collectibles market, and the importance of sustainable toy production.

More Than Just a Convention
TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX is an experience that goes beyond booths and shopping. It's a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the joy toys bring our lives. Whether you're a seasoned collector, a casual enthusiast, or someone looking to discover the magic of toys for the first time, TOYCON MNDSTYL FANX 2024 promises an unforgettable experience that honors the past, celebrates the present, and looks forward to the future of toys and collectibles.

Mark your calendars and prepare for an exciting adventure into the world of toys and collectibles! Get your tickets at or buy them at the gates and join the fun!

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