Celebrate Mother's Day with These Inspiring Tales of Motherhood from Diverse Perspectives

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It’s Mother’s Day again, and while we have our own tributes and ways in showing our appreciation and love for our moms, we’re no short of unique stories to tell when it comes to how they navigate (and survive) in what we all know as the toughest job in the world. With a 24/7 work schedule, no salary, no vacation leaves, here are six books that showcase what being a mom is, in unique lens and stories we’ve yet to hear:

Chairmom by Merlee Jayme
For many moms, they have to choose between career or home life. But Chairmom Merlee Jayme shows how integrating both is possible and that any mom can be “mombitious”.
Explore the dual demands of leadership in the workplace and nurturing at home as Merlee shares her empowering journey navigating the high stakes of the advertising industry while being a committed mother to four daughters.

Bidang Misis: Paano Tutugon sa Hamon habang OFW si Mister by Gitte Quintos
In our Philippine society, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are more common than we think. It’s a typical story in many families: one parent has to work abroad while the other is left to take care of the family all alone for prolonged periods of time.
This book highlights different stories of Filipino moms who have to maintain their households while their husbands work overseas. It provides guidance and support on how to navigate such complex family setups, while celebrating the resilience and creativity of women holding families together despite the distances.

Fearless Filipinas II: 24 Women Who Dared to Dream by Bookshelf PH
A deep dive into the lives of 24 Filipinas who have broken barriers and set new standards in their respective fields, this collection includes stories of mothers who are not just nurturing homes but also nurturing change and innovation in society.
Jasmines in Her Hair by Kalpesh Desai
In a poignant, heartfelt tribute, Kalpesh Desai brings to life the experiences he had with a woman he loves. From freestyle poems to letters of love and affection, this book speaks volumes on how women, including moms, can tug at men’s heartstrings and change them for the better.
The Legend of Tessie Agana: Beloved Child Star of the Philippines by Mylene Agana Jao Richardson
What started as a family memoir for a mother and grandmother with dementia, daughter Mylene Agana Jao Richardson celebrates her mother’s cinematic achievements as a child star during the 1950s Golden Age of Philippine Cinema.
After a tumultuous time of fame and stardom, the book explores Tessie Agana’s role as a mother, offering a unique perspective on balancing public adoration with private familial responsibilities including challenges of motherhood and even a look into mental health from serving such a critical family role.

Healthy Buhay, Happy Mama: Risa Hontiveros’ Journey through Motherhood by Risa Hontiveros
Senator Risa Hontiveros shares her personal anecdotes and insights on raising four children as a single mother while serving as a senator with heavy responsibilities to the Filipino public.
She also delves into her role in advocating for health and women’s rights, extending her personal household advocacies into concrete laws and programs that she hopes every Filipino mom can also take advantage of.

This Mother’s Day, we invite everyone to explore these stories that not only celebrate motherhood in all its forms but also inspire courage, resilience, and love. Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift or tribute to honor your mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures everywhere, we know these books are physical proofs of how heartfelt and deep their influence is on our everyday lives and how their collective love builds a stronger Filipino community.

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