Kiana V Unleashes Her Inner Fire with New Single "Sweet Release"

Filipina singer-songwriter Kiana V ignites the "Heatwave" series with her latest track, "Sweet Release". This dancefloor-ready anthem celebrates liberation and self-love, showcasing Kiana's powerful vocals and artistic evolution.
Get ready to move and be moved by Kiana V's latest single, "Sweet Release". This infectious dance track, infused with elements of vogue music, is an anthem for liberation and self-expression. Kiana's ethereal vocals soar over the pulsating beat, urging listeners to embrace their true selves with unapologetic confidence.

"Sweet Release" marks the beginning of Kiana's exciting new musical venture, the "Heatwave" series, ushering in her self-proclaimed "Paper-Doll-Era". This series promises to showcase her remarkable versatility and boundless creativity as she unveils four exhilarating tracks, including the previously released "dare you" and "dare you kingdom" remix.

Each song in the "HEATWAVE" series is a testament to Kiana's collaborative spirit, as she teams up with talented producers and songwriters to craft music that reflects her multifaceted artistry and deep passion.

A Rising Star with a Powerful Voice
Filipino singer-songwriter Kiana V is a force to be reckoned with. Her soulful vocals and quiet intensity have already captivated audiences in her native Philippines, and now she's poised to take the international R&B/Soul scene by storm. Since her debut in 2016, Kiana has amassed over 43 million Spotify streams with hits like "Does She Know", "Misfits", "Corners", and "Safe Place". Her talent has garnered recognition from major publications like SPIN, HYPEBAE, NME, FADER, and American Songwriter, and her music has even been featured on television shows like the CW's "Kung Fu".

Kiana, now splitting her time between LA and Manila, stays true to her roots while pushing creative boundaries. In a world where music transcends borders and the influence of K-Pop has opened doors for diverse artists, Kiana is a leading voice representing the Asian diaspora in music. Collaborating with producers from both regions, she seamlessly weaves her story into captivating soundscapes, inviting listeners to connect with her vulnerability and strength.

Dive into Kiana's world of music and experience the emotional depth and artistic power of "Sweet Release". Follow her at for the latest updates and stream "Sweet Release" on all major digital platforms.

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