BEVI Blossoms at 18: From Skincare Leader to Multi-Industry Powerhouse

BEVI Celebrates 18 Years: A Story of Innovation and Growth. 

Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVI) celebrates 18 years of success, transforming from a skincare pioneer to a multi-industry leader.
Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVI), a name synonymous with skincare innovation in the Philippines, is celebrating its 18th year. What began as a single seed – the introduction of kojic acid for commercial use – has blossomed into a flourishing company, setting the standard for others to follow.

BEVI's story is one of grit, creativity, and a dynamic strategy. From the very beginning, the company focused on fostering genuine connections with the market. It didn't stop with just one revolutionary product; instead, BEVI continuously innovated, delivering high-quality products and expanding its portfolio beyond just skincare and wellness. This forward-thinking approach has allowed BEVI to overcome challenges and emerge stronger, proving it was truly "born to bloom."
18 Years of Blooming: New Products and Diverse Ventures
As BEVI reaches its coming-of-age year, it's unveiling exciting product launches across various categories:
  • Kojie.san: The leading skincare brand introduces Kojie.san +, a new line offering a luxurious and indulgent skincare experience.
  • Life by Kojie.San: This brand lets consumers experience beauty from within with its range of liquid food supplements.
  • Diamond Skin by Kojie.San: This line offers a treasure trove of potent skincare actives in a convenient set.
  • Defensil: BEVI redefines hygiene with this revolutionary line that combines advanced germ protection with a gentle touch, demonstrating their dedication to overall wellness.
BEVI's ambition extends beyond beauty. They're venturing into the pet food market with Happy Bites by Top2Tail, a line of dog food formulated for all life stages, infused with love and wholesome ingredients.
Innovation Beyond Products
BEVI's pursuit of innovation goes beyond just creating quality products. To further elevate its services, they offer a comprehensive array of services under its group of companies:
  • BIGi (Basic Integrated Global, Inc.) provides solutions in eCommerce, global distribution, and digital marketing.
  • SPC Microtech boasts state-of-the-art laboratories for product safety and efficacy testing.
  • BEVM (Beauty Elements Ventures Manufacturing, Inc.) and OSP (One Stand Point Manufacturing Corporation) are dynamic forces in manufacturing services.
  • PBB (Philippine Bottling Beverage) manufactures and tolls bottled products.
A Bright Future Awaits
With its diverse ventures and commitment to innovation, BEVI's future is bright. The company is poised for continued growth and evolution, forever fulfilling its destiny as a company "born to bloom."

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