Angkas Champions Filipino Tech at Transport Summit: "Support Homegrown Apps"

Angkas CEO George Royeca spoke at a transport summit, advocating for Filipino tech companies in the transportation sector and underlining their safety commitment.
Angkas, the leading motorcycle ride-hailing app in the Philippines, actively championed Filipino tech solutions during a recent transport summit in Manila. Angkas CEO George Royeca participated as a speaker at the Bagong Pilipinas Townhall Meeting on Traffic, expressing his appreciation to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for fostering an open dialogue on industry concerns.

Royeca's speech recounted Angkas' journey, which included government shutdowns, pandemic hurdles, and legislative efforts to establish motorcycle taxi regulations. Despite these challenges, Royeca highlighted how these experiences led Angkas to develop a top-tier training program for passengers, resulting in an impressive safety record.

"Today, we can proudly say that Filipino motorcycle taxi drivers are among the most disciplined in the region," Royeca declared. He emphasized Angkas' remarkable safety record, boasting a 0.003 percent accident rate and a 99.997 percent safety rate.

While acknowledging the contributions of international players like Grab and Foodpanda, Royeca advocated for recognition of other Filipino transport startups, including JoyRide, Ding Dong, and Para Express. He urged the government to prioritize supporting local tech-enabled transport solutions to bolster the Philippine economy and create job opportunities nationwide.

President Marcos Jr. echoed the significance of motorcycle taxis during the town hall, underscoring their role in daily Filipino life. He emphasized the need to identify areas where motorcycle taxi services can expand, particularly in high-traffic zones.

"We have 15 million riders approximately here in the Philippines, that's why all the motorcycle services, their deliveries, are very important," stated Marcos Jr. "That's why we're looking at areas with heavy traffic congestion where we can expand our motorcycle taxi services."

Royeca further emphasized the role of motorcycle taxis as a feeder system for public transportation, urging integration into national transport plans. The President expressed openness to expanding motorcycle taxi services beyond Metro Manila, aligning with the government's goal of decongesting the capital region.

"That includes delivery riders, messengers, Angkas drivers – all the different kinds of work done on motorcycles," highlighted the President. "So again, it has to be a holistic system."

Royeca concluded by addressing the President directly: "With your help, we can further strengthen this industry and contribute to the development of a new Philippines." Angkas reaffirms its dedication to innovation, safety, and supporting national development.

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