SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. (SMHCC) celebrates World Recycling Day with the launch of Tela Tales, a program that upcycles condemned linens and empowers communities.


SMHCC Launches Tela Tales on World Recycling Day
SM Hotels and Conventions Corp. (SMHCC) commemorated World Recycling Day with the launch of Tela Tales, a program aligned with their commitment to environmental stewardship. The program centers around upcycling discarded linens and creating a circular economy for these materials.

Tela Tales: Transforming Lives, One Textile at a Time
Tela Tales embodies the philosophy of "Transforming lives, one textile at a time." This initiative aims to empower communities residing near SMHCC properties by equipping them with the skills to create fashionable and eco-friendly bags from used linens. These bags will be sold at competitive prices, providing women with a sustainable source of income.

SMHCC's Sustainability Efforts
The launch of Tela Tales signifies a significant milestone in SMHCC's sustainability efforts. The company upholds a holistic approach that encompasses various environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. SMHCC's commitment extends to achieving zero waste, zero greenwashing, and zero biases.

Tela Tales Complements SMHCC's Road to Zero
During a sustainability briefing and exhibit titled "SMHCC Road to Zero," Leah Magallanes, SMHCC's Vice President for Quality and Sustainability, presented the company's comprehensive sustainability initiatives. These initiatives align with SMHCC's dedication to achieving zero waste, zero greenwashing, and zero biases.

SMHCC's Sustainability Achievements
SMHCC has partnered with key stakeholders to achieve impressive sustainability goals. Some notable achievements include:
  • Diverting over 198,640 kg of food waste through bokashi composting.
  • Transforming over 253 kg of used bar soaps into new ones.
  • Contributing over Php300,000 to construct classrooms while diverting more than 7,100 kg of plastic waste from landfills since 2022.
  • Upcycling over 10,000 kg of paper waste and 2,000 kg of plastic waste into sustainable products like Papel ni Juan recycled bond paper and Poly al Eco Boards.
  • Taal Vista Hotel's diversion of 11,672 kg of food waste using an Orca Biodigester installed in July 2023.

Plate for the Planet: A Sustainable Dining Experience
The launch of Tela Tales was followed by a special lunch called "Plate for the Planet." This program is part of SMHCC's Sustainable Diner initiative, showcasing their commitment to a circular economy within their operations. The menu for "Plate for the Planet" comprised dishes prepared using locally sourced and hotel-grown ingredients. Food scraps are then composted and used to cultivate vegetables, herbs, and fruits served at the hotel, reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.
BLUE PANDAN TEA MOCKTAIL - Made with Tsaa Laya's vibrant blends, crafted from the finest Philippine Ingredients.

Executive Chef of Taal Vista - Chef Jayme Natividad

ARANCINI - Crispy rice ball with trio of Tagaytay mushrooms, and kesong puti from Laguna. Served with malunggay pesto.

PANSIT BUCO (salad) - Melange of coconut meat, cabbage, lettuce carrots, jicama in coconut shell.

MALIPUTO - Poached fresh water trevally fillet with haricot verts, carrots and leeks on roasted squash and potato puree Served with Normandy Sauce.

PAVLOVA - Meringue with calamansi custard, Chantilly and pineapple calamansi compote

SMHCC's Commitment to Sustainability
The launch of Tela Tales and the Sustainable Diner program solidify SMHCC's unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. The company continuously strives to create a positive impact, one linen and one plate at a time.

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