Appliances Race to a Minute: Manila Crowns Winners in Thrilling Finale!

Robinsons Appliances Race to a Minute: Thrilling Race Crowns Winners in Manila 
The highly anticipated Race to a Minute (Year 5) concluded its nationwide search for champions in a thrilling finale at Robinsons Galleria Manila. This annual competition by Robinsons Appliances has become a favorite among Filipinos, showcasing the brand's commitment to engaging communities across the country.
Race to the Finish Line: Teamwork and Fun
Earlier in March, five diverse teams of two battled it out in a series of challenges testing their wit, agility, and teamwork. From couples to friends, the enthusiastic participants displayed their competitive spirit while fostering camaraderie through fun activities like puzzle-solving and sorting colored clothes.
Despite the competitive nature of the race, a strong sense of sportsmanship filled the air. Participants cheered each other on, celebrating every victory, big or small. As the final buzzer sounded, each team walked away with prizes worth at least P60,000 in cash and goodies, a token of appreciation from Robinsons Appliances for their loyal customers.
Join the Race to a Minute Fun!
The success of the Race to a Minute (Year 5) paves the way for even more exciting events from Robinsons Appliances. Looking to participate in the future? Keep an eye out for the "Race to a Minute Challenge"! This thrilling competition offers a chance to win high-value appliances and exclusive perks. All you need is a single receipt worth PHP 5,000 – that's your key to unlocking amazing rewards!

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