Lenovo and PHINMA collaborate to implement EdVision; aims to enhance the learning experience nationwide

PHINMA Education Network joins the growing network of schools empowered by the program.
Lenovo, a pioneer in innovative technology solutions, advances its commitment to ‘Smarter Technology for All’ through the extension of its EdVision program. This initiative now includes the PHINMA Education Network into its network of partner institutions, signaling a significant stride in leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences across the country. A signing ceremony to mark this effort to broaden the EdVision program took place at St. Jude College Manila.

“The future of our learners remains at the top of our priorities at Lenovo. It has always been our aim to not only make learning smarter but also more accessible, which is why we are honored to have our first partnership with PHINMA,” says Raymond Remoquillo, Enterprise Segment Lead of Lenovo Philippines. “This signifies our shared vision of empowering educators and students with the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital age. Together, we are shaping the future of education in the Philippines,” he added.

Through the EdVision program, Lenovo will provide technical training, Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification, and other essential resources to support educators and students in leveraging technology for enhanced learning experiences. Notably, PHINMA has purchased close to 1,000 units from Lenovo, further demonstrating their commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology solutions.

“As educators, it is our job to continue to offer our students the education they deserve, at prices they can afford. Providing a way, not just to reach them, but to incorporate these technological advancements into our systems,” says Ana S. Chua, COO of PHINMA Education NCR Network. “We believe that by providing good education and technology, we are future-proofing our students, giving them more opportunities to grow in a more technologically reliant tomorrow,” he added.

Educators are constantly challenged to evolve alongside technology, ensuring they can meet the ever-changing demands of the educational landscape. Rooted in its commitment to making technology smarter and more accessible for all, Lenovo stands as a force of innovation in education, empowering universities like PHINMA to thrive in this digital age.

For more information, visit https://edvision.lenovo.com/ph/.

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