#TeamGalaxy raves about the AI features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung unveiled the first of its kind, revolutionary Galaxy AI devices - and content creators can’t stop talking about it! From AI features that make notetaking easy to editing tools that make it effortless to get that perfect shot, get to know why #TeamGalaxy loves the new Galaxy S24 Series.
Janine Gutierrez: Intuitive AI-enhanced camera features anytime and anywhere
For actress and content creator Janine Gutierrez, the Circle to Search with Google feature of the Galaxy S24 Series caught her eye. “It’s very useful for traveling and shopping and things like that. Super ganda I was able to test it out and when we went to Unpacked in California, I can't imagine life without it anymore. It solves so many problems, like when you want to learn more about certain things - before, you have to manually search for it, and it's a hit and miss,” she shared.

The Galaxy S24 Series devices host a smart AI enhanced camera. With this comes the intuitive Circle to Search with Google feature where users can encircle objects from photos in their gallery and the device will automatically show information about the object. Search results will include suggestions on the nature of the item, its brand, where to buy it, and more.
Catriona Gray: A powerful device for a multi-hyphenate Queen
Being a multi-hyphenate productive queen, Catriona Gray lives an on-the-go lifestyle wearing multiple crowns. Some of her favorite things about the Galaxy S24 Ultra are the new AI-enhanced features on the Samsung notes app and the new sleek S-pen.

Catriona can easily create idea boards, inspiration pegs, and even jot down a quick note. “I take down notes for everything- it helps me process information and keep it to refer to later. I love the integration of an S-Pen, it allows the accessibility of when you want to write down [notes], it gives an old school feel, like if you're not a typer, you're a writer, which I am,” she shared.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is now her new productivity tool but she believes it makes a great fit for everyone, “There are so many different functions, no matter who you are, if your goal is productivity, gaming, communication, content creation, video editing, the S24 Series are all well-rounded devices, fit for any type of lifestyle.”
Bianca Gonzalez: Superior AI capabilities and support for writers
Television host and writer Bianca Gonzalez has a passion for writing and content creation, which are often fueled by a good conversation. She praised the built-in live transcription feature within the Galaxy S24 Series’ voice recording application, along with its AI summarizing feature, which made the perfect tandem to increase her productivity to the maximum level.

“As writers, if you have a 20-minute interview you would transcribe it in an hour, it’s such a time sucker!” Bianca shared. “When I found this feature in the phone, within your voice recorder app, I was like ‘what? Where has this been all my life?’ And it goes hand in hand with the AI summarizing feature. Summarizing long articles into bullet points is very helpful when it comes to research for a piece you're gonna write.”
Jaz Reyes: A Revolutionary phone
For Jaz Reyes, as a digital creator, filmmaker and host, the Galaxy S24 is a revolutionary device that sets a high standard for mobile devices. Jaz likened her experience with the Galaxy S24 Series to the first time she experienced having her own phone.

Her fast-paced life always has her pursuing her passions actively and the Galaxy S24 Series is a perfect match because, as she put it, “The apps I use on the laptop to edit my photos, it's all there on my phone already built in and I don't have to download any other app, and that's amazing on its own,” she shared.

With the newest innovations brought by the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, from Circle to Search with Google, Live Translate, Transcript Assist, Notes Assist in Samsung Notes, Generative Edit and more, no matter what you are pursuing - your creativity, productivity, travel, leisure or just living the best life every day, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is here for you! Check out the perfect Galaxy device for you through samsung.com, Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Samsung Stores, Lazada, Shopee, Abenson.com and MemoXpress Online.

Learn more about Galaxy S24 and S24+ at https://www.samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-s24/ and to find out more about the Galaxy S24 Ultra, visit: https://www.samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-s24-ultra/.

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