Jollibee's All-New Crunchy Chicken Sandwich is here!


The secret's out! Jollibee's Crunchy Chicken Sandwich is finally here to excite our taste buds - wanting more with every bite.

Last January 19, 2023, I and other content creators, media, and social media influencers got to taste this at the Sarap In Every Bite Dance Party at Jollibee Katipunan. Going to the event, I really didn't have an idea what Jollibee would be launching since they've got almost all of our "Langhap Sarap" favorites: from their delicious yum burger to their cheesy spaghetti and of course their famous Chickenjoy. This left me with so much anticipation and excitement. 

Crunchy, Tasty, and Langhap Sarap in every bite is what Jollibee is claiming for their newly launched offering- and they are right, this chicken burger just hits the spot. With a chicken patty that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, complemented with a generous amount of creamy dressing, and sandwiched between everyone's favorite Yum-Buns - This will surely be everyone's new favorite and staple order on Jollibee's menu. 

Jollibee, also known for their comforting and affordable meals happily announces that their all-new Crunchy Chicken Sandwich can be enjoyed for only 59 pesos! Yes! Very affordable and will surely be everyone's new favorite.

Honest thoughts? It's a really good product for its price. With less than a hundred pesos, you get a very filling and tasty chicken sandwich. The dressing really complemented well with their chicken, It's like eating the famous ChickenJoy and Yum Burger in one! Sounds really good, right? 

As Pam Reyes, Jollibee's Vice President stated, "We are very excited to launch this offering so that people can enjoy tasty and crunchy sandwich that will satisfy their cravings at a budget-friendly price". This made us "Balter" a word that is coined for dancing artlessly, without art or skill, but usually pure enjoyment. I only knew this at the event and I can finally define the happy dance moves I get to satisfy my food cravings. 
With the All-New Crunchy Chicken sandwich, you'll savor all the components in every bite! Check out the latest Jollibee commercial featuring the All-New Crunchy Chicken Sandwich.
You can finally get to experience the Crunchy and Tasty Crunchy Chicken Sandwich starting on January 23, 2023, at your favorite nearby Jollibee branch. You can also have it delivered via the Jollibee App,, #87000, GrabFood, and Foodpanda. 

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