5 things to enjoy with DITO’s Bonus Prime Video Mobile subscription

DITO Telecommunity, the country’s youngest telco player, is providing greater entertainment options by partnering with Prime Video, leveling up the digital lifestyles of its more than 13 million subscribers.

Prime Video is a video-on-demand streaming platform that is now available in the Philippines. It is undoubtedly gaining popularity among Filipinos, with countless award-winning movies and TV shows available in its streaming library.

If you enjoy staying home and indulging in home entertainment like binge-watching movies and TV shows, this promo is for you! DITO is bringing adventure, fantasy, action, drama, romance, and comedy right into your hands, as DITOzens can enjoy a bonus 30-day subscription to Prime Video Mobile Edition.

Here are five exciting things you can expect from DITO and Prime Video:
Amazon Originals. Get access to critically acclaimed and award-winning TV shows and movies. Prime Video is not only a video streaming service that distributes licensed TV shows and movies, but it also produces original content. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power are just some of the TV shows you can enjoy from its wide list of Amazon Originals.

Support local content. Aside from English blockbuster movies and TV shows, Prime Video also streams locally produced content like Drag Den with Manila Luzon, Big Night, How to love Mr. Heartless, and Whether the Weather Is Fine. You can anticipate the first-ever local Amazon Original, Comedy Island: Philippines, premiering in 240 countries this 2023. Thus, it is the perfect time to try out and discover new Filipino series and movies to add to your favorites, as DITO's Prime Video Mobile Subscription promo runs until May 24, 2023.

Bonus 30-day subscription. When you purchase any of the DITO Level-Up Packs -- Plan 99, Plan 199, Plan 299, Plan 499, or Plan 999 -- you will receive a link to the bonus subscription voucher for Prime Video. Once the voucher is activated, you can now access more than 26,300 movies and more than 2,700 TV shows that you can binge-watch wherever and whenever you want -- all of these are free for a month!

Content for all ages. With the wide array of TV shows and movies available on Prime Video, you are sure to find the perfect lineup for your binge-watching or movie-night sessions. As a matter of fact, Prime Video has one of the largest streaming libraries. So whenever you are in the mood for some drama, comedy, or any other genre you can think of, you will find something from Prime Video's massive list of options. There is also a lot of content available for children, including Hotel Transylvania, The Boss Baby, Cinderella, and many more.

TODO Na DITO streaming experience. As the only telco provider that offers Auto Pay and Advance Pay, DITO ensures that Level-Up plan subscribers have hassle-free and seamless streaming experiences without worrying about topping up and expiring data promos. You can pay for your promo in advance using Advance Pay or if you prefer to have your promo auto-renewed with unused data and calls carried over to the following month, you can avail of Auto Pay. With these offers, you can enjoy your favorite Prime Video shows and movies without interruption.

DITO is proudly connecting different Filipino communities by continuously providing entertainment opportunities. With the partnership between DITO and Prime Video, millions of Filipinos can access excellent streaming content through unmatched value-for-money services.

Subscribe to any of DITO's Level-Up Packs and download the Prime Video Mobile app to start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows! To learn more about DITO Level-Up Plans, visit https://dito.ph/level-up-promos.

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