[Fitness] New Year's Resolution - Staying Fit & Calorie Counting

Holidays are over and the time to burn those holiday gains is now. This might be a good start to burn those calories, not all of course, this way, you can start the year right by keeping track of the calorie intake of your body. 
I count this calculator online, it's www.calculator.me. I came across this when I was looking at loan, mortgage, auto, and credit cards calculator. They actually have a lot on the site. You guys should check it out. 

They also have a Calorie Deficit Calculator (Weight Loss Goal Calculator: Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight Calculator) which to my surprise has some really nice info and is such a breeze to use. We know how hard it can be to count calories every day, but this one that I found is easy to use. You just have to enter your basic info, current weight, body fat & activity along with your weight goal and it will calculate it for you.
Now I know what you're thinking, It's a lot of work! I mean just think about what you will be gaining by losing weight. You gain more life. The more that you are fit, and healthy and lose those extra pounds, you'd be able to do more and live life to the fullest.

Another cool thing here is when you input your weight goal and the duration, may it be days, weeks, months, or years, it will calculate the daily calories required to meet the designed goal. Like this one below. Now, note that this is not the result of the ones inputted above.

Having a guide or a goal on the number of calories you will need definitely gives you a guide on how you should be behaving or consume nourishment. Of course, you have to also consult with your dietician and eat when you're hungry. I'm not saying that you should be sticking to this strictly but this is just an easy guide for those who would like to take this calorie-counting journey on their own.

At the bottom, you also get an insight and a summary of the results.
I suggest you guys give the Weightloss Calculator a try.  Keep your New Year’s fitness momentum strong and of course, make sure you have the proper nutrition & exercise. 

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