Take a Break and Enjoy some Card & Mind Video Games.


Taking a break for at least 10 to 15 minutes of working and sitting down gives me a nice boost and refreshed perspective. Something that teases and tests my skills. I’m all for games and this is something I found out while taking a quick break. The site has some games I can easily play with no installation needed and many choices too!

www.solitaire.org offers a lot of FREE online game choices for everyone. Different types of Solitaires, card games, word games, logic puzzles, and even find hidden objects.

Of course, one of the first few games I tried on the site is the Solitaire Classic which I ended up playing longer than I hoped I would. It's just so challenging and much easier than actually setting it up and dealing with the cards.

Another one I had fun playing and studying and getting my game sharpened is Blackjack. While I know it's a game of chance and decisions, it's still nice to practice and learn the game more. 

There are also some games there that are playable that if you don't know how to play, have instructions you can learn and read on. 

One game that I enjoyed playing is kind of like a word scramble where letters are thrown in a pile and you just have to type in your keyboard the words that you see being thrown into the pile. The level goes up and you accumulate scores while hitting a goal. There is also a time limit so be sure to catch those letters and type them in fast before it piles up and you don't get to see the letters. Letter Scramble.

One game that I enjoyed playing with my kid is the Hidden Objects Game. There are some items at the bottom of the screen and you just need to find them within the given time. There are 10 levels that are exciting to beat. So let me give you a sample test, so feel free to have fun!
There are also some other games like Mahjong. Did you know that there are a lot of versions and variations of Mahjong? Check out the site for more games. 

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