LG AeroTower Launched in the Philippines


Blog post contributed by: Tyrell Tan

LG has produced many innovative and technologically advanced gadgets for us to use. From washing machines to t.v’s it's safe to say LG has it all.

But on the 9th of September,  LG unveiled their newest product in the form of an innovative new fan called the “AeroTower”. The AeroTower is not just your ordinary fan because it also purifies the air in the area in order to eliminate all the dust and bacteria. LG is one of the very few companies that has integrated an air purifier system into a fan. 

Its sleek silver design is like something you would see in sci-fi films. The AeroTower is 3.6 feet tall, with a base that is 10.4 inches in diameter and tapers off to a top that is 5.2 inches wide. It has a futuristic appearance. 

Even with the built-in handle, you could find it challenging to move the tower from room to room even though it weighs only 27.6 pounds. Two 22-inch air exits and two 22-inch retractable vanes are included in the split-design tower. For each operational mode, the vanes control how clean, filtered air is distributed. 

When the fans operate in wide mode, the vanes entirely retract, allowing maximum airflow and ideal room coverage. When operating in Direct mode, the vanes partially extend to drive a more concentrated airflow through the front. 

The event was held in the Minnoti building in Bonifacio global city. Guests were treated to various food and beverages ranging from truffle pasta to iced coffee. The event was a massive success as it was well organized and was even able to invite Shamcey Supsup, the former miss Philippines candidate from 2011 as she talked about how she and her family enjoy the new LG AeroTower and that it is a good appliance to have in your house.

Take home a piece of the future with the LG Aerotower today.

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