A Gelato Like no other! Destileria Limtuaco & Co & Karabella creates Interesting Boozy Carabao Milk Gelato


Destileria Limtuaco Lends Their Philippine Crafts Spirits to Dairy by Karabella to Create Boozy Carabao Milk Gelato

Tyrell Tan

Liquor and ice cream combined? what's not to like right? Polar opposites of flavor come together in an awesome mix of creamy goodness and strong and firm flavors in the new Destileria Limtuaco X Karabella liquor-infused Carabao Milk Gelato. 

The country’s oldest liquor distillery “Destileria Limtuaco” has announced a collaborative product with the local dairy company, “Karabella”. A brand specializing in gelato-style desserts,  the product launch was held in the Limtuaco Distillery museum on the 4th of August on a cool and windy day. The guests were treated to numerous Destileria Limtuaco drinks and Karabella gelato products as well as various “Ppulutan” snacks like burger sliders, mini BBQ sticks, cheese sticks, fried kangkong, and some beverages.

During the event, the CEO of Destileria Limtuaco and co. Ms. Olivia Limpe Aw, gave a warm welcome to the guests who attended the event. The Executive vice president of Destileria Limtuaco Mr. Aaron Limpe Aw also welcomed the guests to the event as well as told the story of how the unexpected collaboration came to fruition. He thanked Mr. Spanky Enriquez played a major role in the collaboration as it was he who made both ends meet. He also didn't forget to thank Karabella Founders Ms. Jan Buenaflor and her son Mr. EJ Buenaflor for considering collaborating with Destileria Limtuaco on this project.

After the formalities from the CEO’s of both companies, the guests were treated to a tour of the Destileria Limtuaco museum. Guests were able to learn about the history of the Limtuaco distillery and how it was able to adapt to the constant change in the world. It was also an educational tour as there were multiple old distillery machines that the company used in the past that served as a humble reminder that everything starts small at first.

The event was a complete success because all the guests were truly shown the harmonious mix of the flavor of the Karabella gelato and liquor. As someone who has tasted a variety of liquors from Destileria Limtuaco museum tour and numerous Karabella gelato flavors, it's safe to assume that both flavors contrast each other and not once was one flavor overwhelmed by the other.

Tyell Tan

The Karabella X Destileria Limtuaco liquor-infused spirits will be available for purchase at the Destileria Limtuaco museum and as well liquorexpress.ph for those who want to order online. As of now the collaborative milk gelato is still being sold exclusively at the Limtuaco museum and on the website of liquor express but will be available in major supermarkets in the later half of the year.

Written by Tyrell Tan: A casual yet avid mobile & console gamer, he is also a regular on badminton courts. He loves trying out new things and meeting people. He's the latest addition to the Mixofeverything Lifestyle blog team.

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