vivo Y76 - Is this one of the best affordable vlogging phones out there in its price range?


Amazing price drop to Php 14,999 from Php 16,999

Social media sure has changed a lot in a short time. The way we consume content has become instant and real-time. Being the first to share it online is one of the things that content creators aim for, it’s vital to put it out as fast as possible. From static images to carousels to videos in short formats, the demands on the devices that we use have increased significantly.

Vloggers before used expensive cameras and edit them on a computer which takes a day or two to finish before uploading their content. Today, content creators use their phones for everything. You would be lucky enough to have a device that can keep up with your photo & video quality demands, edit it, and upload it. Not just that, it has to perform other tasks, handle decent gaming, multi-tasking, and of course, has to look and feel nice.

This brings me to the vivo Y76. What makes this smartphone ideal for content creators? Well, for one, are the cameras. Triple cameras on the rear allow you to take high-quality photos with the 50MP Camera Lens giving you great night image quality and also other features like Panoramic Mode, activating the Live photos, and of course cinematic shots like Slow-mo & Time Laps.

If you notice other raw video shots on smartphones are a bit shaky, especially if it’s handheld. Another thing I liked with the vivo Y76 is the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). Here, the videos you shoot are clearer and more stable. No need for you to use a tripod or a selfie stick when taking videos. 

In vlogs now, you have to be able to show your face and show what you are seeing in front of you. With the vivo Y76, no need to keep on flipping the phone back and forth because of the Dual View Video feature that I really like. This utilizes the front and rear camera at the same time. 

The two modes of the Dual View Video feature are Dual View and Picture-in-Picture where you can also customize the frame’s shape in the front camera according to your desired shape. May it be a square, a circle, or a heart. Usually, you would need third-party applications for this, but this time, it’s already embedded in the features of the vivo Y76.

Sharing with you screencaps from the videos I took. You can move it wherever you prefer to place it. The circle and rectangle fit the horizontal orientation. The heart though is more for the portrait orientation.

Tiktoks, reels, and shorts, at some point we need those high-quality selfie cameras because admit it or now, we are living in a selfie world and the 16MP Front Camera on the vivo Y76 is enough to provide you with high-quality photos even in dark situations. It also Beauty Algorithm, Smart Soft Light, and AI Extreme Selfie giving you the perfect selfies every time, in every environment situation. This photo, for example, is shot in a dimmed setting but the Selfie Fill light is enabled so it’s still well lighted and clear.

The AI Editor is one feature of the vivo Y76 that isn’t given enough emphasis, this is something that vloggers and aspiring content creators would really appreciate. This feature enables you to create stylish videos and easily share them on social media. There’s an AI algorithm that identifies both faces and scenes within your video footage and then splices them into a new clip. If you want to be in control of the results, you can also cut, trim the video, add music, a photo choose a theme, add texts, and different filters too! Again, the beauty here is you don’t have to download any third-party software or apps to edit the videos. Very easy to use and accessible.

In the photo above, if you line up all the clips and choose a theme, the AI Editor will automatically create and arrange the clips for you depending on the theme that you choose. You can also choose filters according to your liking.

For photo enthusiasts, enjoy a more advanced portrait shot style with the Bokeh Camera creating artistic depth and fantastic quality. Those who like capturing close-ups will enjoy its Macro Camera with amazing details at 4cm ultra-close focus, going microscopic baby!

Now of course being the best vlogging phone also means that other aspects of the smartphone has to deliver as well. The design same as other vivo smartphones is the ergonomic design and do you see how thin that phone is? It’s 7.9 thin and weighs only 175 grams. The fingerprint scanner is on the side and it’s actually one of the thinnest 5G smartphones in its price segment believe it or not. Available in two variants, the midnight space, and cosmic aurora.

The screen-to-body ratio is around 90.6% having an aspect ratio of 20:9 giving you a nice 6.58” display. It’s Halo Fullview Display FHD+ (2400x1080) giving you colorful images when you watch or stream videos. 

Ran out of juice? Don’t worry. The vivo Y76 uses type-C and is the first vivo Y series with a 44W Flash Charge. Equipped with a unique low-voltage and high-current solution enabling you to charge your phone from 0-46% in just 15 minutes or 0-63% for 60 minutes.

Gaming also is nice in the vivo Y76 because it’s already 5G giving you an advantage in your gaming giving greater data speeds and lower latency for your mobile gaming and browsing experience. The processor is fast powered by Dimensity 700 5G giving users amazing performance, connectivity, and power efficiency. Users can explore the Multi-turbo and Ultra Game mode giving you Ultra performance for more optimized network usage to improve your gaming experience. 

Another good thing with the vivo V76 is it offers more RAM for multitasking. Easily access multiple applications quickly. Vivo offers us extended RAM with the LPDDR4X, which is currently the mode advanced RAM scheme on the market. ROM is converted into a virtual RAM of 4GB and users can enjoy up to 12GB. (8GB +4GB Extended RAM).

This means that this allows your phone to run more smoothly, app loading time is reduced, switching between apps is easier and users will experience reduced lags. Users can also extend the memory storage by up to 1TB with the Dual hybrid SIM card slot which can take either a second SIM card or a microSD card to give you more flexibility.

All these factors make a solid case for putting the vivo Y76 among the best vlogging smartphones in the market right now competing with other phones at the flagship levels in terms of specs and features. The difference is, the vivo Y76 is priced even more affordable now, allowing content creators and aspiring vloggers to maximize their budget, their potential, and the device. Make sure to check out the vivo Y76’s amazing price drop from Php 16,999 to Php 14,999 now. 

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