Rapoo VH360 Gaming Headphones First Impressions


Rapoo is silently dropping some really nice and competitive products targetting the productivity and gaming side. We were able to test the Rapoo VH360 and we are liking how it's easy to use. It's lightweight because of its plastic construction and has a very nice unique headband design. The leatherette straps is combined with a lightweight hanging bracket to keep your ears from the pressure. 

The RGB lighting is definitely a plus. The microphone has a crisp and clean quality. When you listen and use the headset, it has a pleasant sounding base and treble, and is not overwhelming. So easy to use that it is just an easy plug-and-play via its USB. It also has a very nice tension-resistant wire which feels strong and durable great for those hardcore sessions.

I do like that it has an independent wheel and mute switch that is easily accessible. It is mostly made out of plastic and is one of the factors why it's lightweight and great for long hours of game time. 

Some comments and feedback that I have would be on the microphone, it would have been nice to have foam there to eliminate some of the wind noise. If you also thought of this, you can just buy one online and put it on yourself if your breathing or fan bothers you. But do note that the large 6mm enhanced mic has ENC technology and also reduces noise whatever the environment will be. 
Another is the earcup positioning, there is something about it that gives some people a different fit compared to others. I had someone try it out and they also shared this comment. Maybe because of how the earcups are positioned or because of the limited flexibility on the movements and twists of the headphones, it makes it not fit some heads. But I do think that the way that this one is designed is that this will fit most heads, it was still pleasant and comfortable to wear.

The Rapoo VH360 comes in black and is available at Silicon Valley, Pc Express, Complink, and online. You guys can also check them out on Shopee. https://shope.ee/8p9RnYfioy is currently priced at 2,173.

Overall, I think that this is a decent Gaming headphone for its price. 16 million RGB colors and the large 50mm drivers will give you are really nice stereo sound. Easily adjust the volume on any platform with the swivel button mounted on the leatherette ear cups. 

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