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We’ve all had that one or two people that we know, may it be a friend or a family member who has a property that they want to sell and put up on the market. The challenge most of the time or the ones that I’ve personally encountered is that important details are missing. Photos, the size of the property, and other information that potential buyers may need to know.

We can only do so much to have it up on our social media sites, and third-party marketplace. But honestly, it’s hard to track and a bit difficult to manage the queries of interested buyers. If only there was a place where one could easily share a listing and earn from it. Well, you’re in luck.

There is a site called where you can buy, rent, and sell properties from dozens of top developers in the country covering different areas from manila, the north & south Luzon, the Visayas to Mindanao. You can do it yourself and post a listing for free or work with an agent to help you. The site is both friendly to tenants and landlords where you can also talk to a dedicated expert agent to help you with your listing and inquiries. Its goal is simple: make housing transactions simple, efficient, and affordable.

Ohmyhome is the company that launched the ELITE Network, a real estate network designed to have the largest inventory of properties in the Philippines that you can refer to as a sale and actually earn from it. Think of it as a one-stop shop to sell a property without the hassle and trouble. The way they built the system, makes sure that you would be able to earn your referral on every successful purchase compared to others when someone tells you you’d get credit for the sale and then somebody gets it instead.
Here you would be able to easily sell, monitor, and get the incentive through the ELITE Network system. Joining is really easy, it’s open to everyone who’s interested in real estate sales.

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Inside the system are support and teams that will help you in closing that deal. From Customer support to help you choose the right project for your customer, a Growth Specialist who can help you build your team and also earn referrals when they sell, and Sales Agents who can help your friend choose the right property for them.

There are actually benefits to becoming a member. There’s a competitive commission rate of up to 3% for licensed brokers and sales agents. Up to 2% incentives for referral partners. Some additional exciting rewards also when each of the referrals reaches a minimum of P 2M. Aside from the thousands of listings in an all-in-one portal with complete project information right at your fingertips gives you that edge and advantage over other platforms. Not to mention schemes, exclusive offers, exclusive promos and so much more.
In the ELITE Network, you are also invited to different product knowledge seminars (PKS) where you can learn more about the featured products for the month. Insights on new trends and also fresh listings. You get to build your own team with the tools provided inside the ELITE Network. You can easily increase your revenue streams by earning from the closed sales of your team members or downlines. Talk about building your real estate empire. Lastly, of course, it's the rewards, this system rewards those who are hard workers, and when you reach certain milestones, some premium perks await the top performing individuals with gadgets, travel and so much more.
Now you might be thinking, I don’t have time for this. To sell and offer and to keep track of all of these. Well, don’t worry because the system got you. You can easily earn an incentive when you refer a member to join ELITE. When your direct referrals close a sale, you will receive the incentives directly from the company so you’re assured that you're rewarded. Once your referrals are registered and tagged under your team, you will receive corresponding incentives when they close a sale. Easy-peasy!

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I personally am considering paying close attention to this and see the opportunity I may have when I start building my own team and have that first sale closed sale which means I will earn from my first real estate deal! I think that this system makes it a whole lot easy for real estate sales to get a sale closed. With the thousands of listings, I think that everyone, whatever the socioeconomic status you’re in, you would be able to sell and earn extra money with the help of the ELITE Network.

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