AirAsia Philippines partners with Vote Pilipinas to promote responsible voting

AirAsia Philippines launches Fly home to vote and return for FREE promo
AirAsia Philippines sealed a partnership with independent voter information campaign organization, Vote Pilipinas to further promote voter education and responsible voting in the country, less than 2 months before the Presidential elections happening in May.

AirAsia CEO Ricky Isla and Vote Pilipinas founder Ces Rondario signed and forged the agreement.

AirAsia Philippines is the only airline participating in this nationwide caravan. Further, the world’s best low cost airline will also actively participate serving as Vote Pilipinas’ communications partner, broadcasting the series of voter education webinars and Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates to more than 12 million followers of the airasia Super App Facebook page.

AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said, “AirAsia will always be apolitical but we want to take part in proactively encouraging Filipinos to exercise their right to suffrage. It is through this partnership with Vote Pilipinas that we responsibly play our part in nation building, especially shaping the next six years of our country which is crucial to exiting the pandemic. At AirAsia, we are alwaysREDy to educate and equip our guests with the right information they need to make the right best choice as they cast their votes in May.”

AirAsia Philippines is making the remaining series of Vote Pilipinas Presidential Debates and webinars – Kalusugan (Health), Kamalayan (Awareness) and Kahandaan (Readiness), which covers topics on COVID-19, mental and public health, media literacy, press freedom, misinformation and disinformation, resilience, preparedness and mitigation available every Friday afternoon at the Super App Facebook page.

AirAsia Philippines will also release a series of social media infographics under its alwaysREDy campaign which aims to provide tips to the voting public, as well as the do’s and don’ts during election day.

Vote Pilipinas founder Ces Rondario said, “"this campaign started with the goal to support the Commission on Elections on getting the word out about voter registration. We began with encouraging members of the Vote Pilipinas team to register, then Filipinos nationwide – and now we have successfully gotten around 7.9 million Filipinos to register to vote. But it doesn't just end there. Our goal now is to make sure that people will actually go out and vote come May 9, and that they are armed with sufficient and factual information to make informed decisions when voting. With the help of our partners such as AirAsia Philippines, we're able to widen our audience and deliver the right information to millions of Filipinos across the country. With this, more people can truly get to know this year’s candidates, their platforms, and why it’s important to exercise their right to vote, so they can confidently cast their ballots during election day.”
To entice more people to actively participate in the May polls, AirAsia Philippines is launching its Fly Home to vote promo. From April 4 to 10, 2022 guests can avail of fares as low as P268 (one-way base fare) and get their return ticket for FREE for travels until September 30, 2022.

“AirAsia is known for democratizing air travel across Asia and we intend to make voting viable by allowing people to return to their respective provinces safely, conveniently and affordable with our promos dedicated for returning voters,” Mr. Isla added.

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