[Food] Savory Oyster and Duck Ramen for a limited time this February at Ramen Nagi


Ramen Nagi has earned its spot in one of the top ramen houses in Manila. The makers of your #FavoriteRamen, the brand continues to innovate and always has something new to offer to its customers. The Limited Kings is a series of unique and special creations from Ramen Nagi that has been anticipated by ramen fans.

This February, Nagi's Limited Kings offers two new flavors with unique tastes but has the same rich and succulent taste that Nagi is known for. The special ramen creations this month are the Oyster King and the Soy Duck King and will only be available this month of February only.

Making a flavorful comeback, the Oyster King is savory and filled with ramen goodness. The fresh oysters are seared and are a mix of various ingredients inside that ball of flavors. 

I'm actually not an oyster guy, but I was (delightfully) surprised at how good the combination of flavors was in that bowl. There are a lot of ingredients there but they compliment each other and I would understand how this bowl of comfort would appeal to oyster lovers. 

here's a ball of pork and oyster in the middle that is a good break from oysters for me. Mixing it you can see that it also has a Chasu pork there which adds a different texture and taste. You can taste a bit of oyster in the broth because the Tonkontsu (pork) broth is also oyster-infused. Also, their oysters are huge!

Complimented by Kikurage, onion leeks and the Nagi fire sauce ,which you can blend and mix to your preference. All of this, completing the savory experience. 

The Soy Duck King is Nagi's FIRST duck offering (and I hope it won't be the last), this pushes boundaries on ramen creation. The seaming bowl of chicken broth with the premium pan-seared duck breasts is rich and delightful in the mouth. 

Alright, I am not biased on the duck but this is a revelation for me. I was surprised that I liked this a bit more than the Oyster. (Just a personal choice). I mean it's a bit difficult to cook the duck right in itself and you mixing it into ramen adds a bit of complexity to it. But this works Ramen Nagi. 

Tender and steak-like tenderness consistency into every bite of the duck adds a very nice unique experience when consuming the ramen. The flavors of Bok Choy and onion leeks have a nice play of flavors and essence with the soy base sauce and the Nagi spice. Winner Winner Duck-ing dinner! (or lunch).

Our recommendations

Enjoy as-is - They say it's best to enjoy these February Limited Kings as they come. While yes, you can order extra tamago (egg) and you can use other condiments available there, I would recommend enjoying it as is and just adding that other stuff you want to halfway.

Gyoza - I don't think I need to elaborate on this any further. One of the best gyozas and also dipping sauce is at Ramen Nagi. There are also other side dishes you can order to add to the best Nagi experience.

The Oyster King and Soy Duck King are available in all Nagi restaurants. They are also available in ready-to-eat HOT Nagi To Go via www.ramennagi.com.ph. 

When you visit Nagi branches, they follow safety protocols and make sure that everyone is properly distanced. Some branches also have some open/outdoor areas should customers prefer open spaces. Ramen Nagi Philippines has 26 branches all over Luzon serving you authentic Japanese Ramen and more. #FavoriteRamen.

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