[Food] Fiesta To Go a new Tasty Discovery!


Serving Classic Filipino Dishes in making anytime a Fiesta Time!

Alright, fam! We discovered something new! Did you guys know of Fiesta To Go? Well, you will after this. 

So you ever get tired of the usual food that we order when there's something to celebrate about? You and me both. Like e-ve-ry time right? Well, now you have a better option with more choices. Fiesta To Go specializes in giving you a Fiesta-like celebration may it be big or small. You can order your Filipino favorites in solo if you're enjoying alone or party size if you're celebrating with friends and family.

Celebrations truly have changed and spending quality time with friends and family at the comfort of our home is the better option instead of dining out. This lessens the exposure outside and less time for us stressing and preparing what to prep and cook.

Fiesta To Go is now my go-to food for small and big celebrations. They have all the classic Filipino dishes you love growing up. Let me show you one by one.

Classic Pancit Malabon - This is the OG of all gatherings. This saucy pancit Malabon is generously topped with crispy chicharon. It's available in small (4-5 pax) and large (8-10 pax) bilao prices at P 520 & P 720. 

Pancit Canton - This completes the fiesta vibe. Stir fried noodles made tasty with a lot of toppings & ingredients like seafood meat and vegetables! Small (10 inches) serves 5-6 pax is prices at P 370 and 14inches bilao is priced at P 620.

The Seafood Crispy Pancit Canton was also a surprise winner for me! The sauce, the crispy noodles and the seafoods. It's fiesta in my mouth! Small Bilao is prices at P 510, and the Large bilao is prices at P 925.

Ugh... this just makes my mouth water. Fiesta Pork Sisig is made of pork bits seasoned with calamansi, soy sauce, and vinegar for that perfect umami flavor. MASARAPP!!! Per order is P 225.

I always say, serve me anything as long as there's bagoong I'd eat it! This is the Classic Pork Binagoongan. Crispy liempo in sweet Barrio Fiesta bagoong sauce with a kick of siling haba! There's also fried talong here and argh! This is a must-have if you're ordering at Fiesta To Go! P 650 per order.

No fiesta is complete without Kare-Kare. This one is a Crispy Kare-Kare. The sauce is made the classic way, with real ground peanuts! Served with the all-time favorite Barrio Fiesta Bagoong. Cripy, tender, and just tasty! Per order is P 675.

Fiesta To Go's Pork BBQ is tender grilled pork glazed with the fiesta BBQ sauce. A must-have also for any occasion. Orders of 5 pcs is P 195 and 10 pcs is P 390.

Of course, who can forget, i-sharon mo ako ng lumpia. The Fiesta Shanghai, the start of every gathering and occasion. The fiesta-shanghai is filled with generous amount fo mean and a variety of vegetables wrapped in shanghai wrapper for that extra crunch. Order in pieces of 5, P 115 and 10 pcs for P 200.

You've never seen a dessert like this! The ube and cassava is wrapped in lumpia wrapper, cooked in sugar for crispy and sweet crunch! Argghh so good. 5 pcs is P 100 and 10 pcs is P 200

The Halo-halo shake is also another highlight for me. Some sweetened saba, nata de coco, sago (tapioca pearls), sweet beans, kaong (palm fruit), just to name a few -- all blended in shaved ice and ube ice cream. Lastly, it's topped with ube and leche flan! This yummy dessert is priced at P 105 only!

Their refresing Calamansi Juice is usually tied to a promo and is priced on sale which is usually around P 30. Make sure you check out their website and social media pages for promos and announcements.

Check out their website https://fiestatogo.com.ph/ to order and their social media pages for more updates. facebook.com/fiestatogoph/.  You can also get in touch with them directly at 0919 077 9670 for faster communication

Here are more photos you will salivate. :)

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