We can't stop eating these chocolates this Holiday Season!

Meiji brings joy this Christmas with discounts on your favorite childhood snacks with up to 30% off this December 5!  

Meiji Hello Panda brings me back to my childhood. I can still recall the days when I would save up and buy a Meiji Hello Panda as a treat for myself. Meiji Hello Panda was first released in Japan in 1979; One of Meiji's most-loved, best-selling brands

You can get your chocolate fix with a trip down to memory lane through their express delivery. Available for all items, you can get your snacks in 2-3 days. Only available to Metro Manila and selected parts of Luzon. 
Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g
Contains 4 foil bags of Chocolate Flavor (26g each), 3 foil bags of Strawberry Flavor (26g each), and 3 foil bags of Milk Flavor (26g each). Crunchy shell with a soft flavorful inside and great for snacks. 

Click here for express delivery - https://shp.ee/88fyyqf
Click here for express delivery - https://shp.ee/3ev9bef

Meiji Macadamia Black Chocolate 58g (Set of 5)
This is one of Meiji's most-loved, best-selling brands. The Macadamia nuts mixed with dark chocolate. 
Made from genuine, high quality macadamia nuts, smooth chocolate texture with a crunchy nutty core

Check out the Meiji Macadamia Black Chocolate 58g (Set of 5) on Shopee. https://shp.ee/k5wfjaf

Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5)
Delicious biscuit sticks dipped in rich chocolate cream. This is Meiji's premier stick chocolate snack made with premium ingredients that is made in Japan.

Check out the Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5) on Shopee. - https://shp.ee/gjuviwf

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