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You know what? let's face it, there comes a point in your life when you have to do your own laundry. Others come earlier than some but definitely, you will face this as part of adulthood. And with this newfound freedom and responsibility, there's no other brand I choose then to do it with Surf. Not only does the brand have superior products but they are also affordable!

I mean their products really work! You get Linis at 2X bango na, sa presyong wais pa with Surf Power Combo!

Like Batman and Robin, their detergents and fabric conditioners are best used together. Surf with Active Clean is good at cleaning, gives a nice scent on your clothes and removes that 'kulob' or bad smell. It's also nice because it's also affordable at P 5.50 SRP! Wais right? The scent I'm loving now is the Cherry Blossom. For their Fabcon, the Surf Blossom Fresh is always a way to go! Makes it more smelling good even under the heat.

Starting October 14-16, you guys get up to 21% OFF on your Surf Products with freebies & vouchers up to 100PHP Off and with FREE shipping! Talk about, benefits on top of free stuff! But wait there's more, customers can also get the chance to win a free Washing Machine! Now, that is Wais Talaga!

Don't forget to add to cart and get your Surf Products and so much more! Get it here  #SurfPowerCombo  @SurfPhilippines 

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