For the Legaspi Family, Time Stands Still with Luminisce

We watched them enjoy ice cream in front of the TV as a family, we cried when mom and dad got married in a surprise wedding like no other, and we saw the twins gracefully transform from kids to young adults. The Legaspis—Zoren, Carmina, Mavy, and Cassy—have gone through different milestones in the public eye, and though their special family moments happened through many years, a lot are quick to notice that the Legaspis never seem to age.

When a photo of theirs went viral a few years back, which showed the entire family dressed in black and looking impeccably beautiful, a number of comments talked about how the Legaspis had “vampire genes,” with their beauty unchanging and seemingly preserved through time.

It’s a moniker the family embraces and laughs about. But great genes aside, the Legaspis also know that to maintain their skin, they also need to put in effort. That’s why the Legaspis are proud to be long-time Skinvestors with the help of Dr. Kaycee Reyes, a skin doctor, well-aging expert, and the founder of Luminisce.

Skinvestors since 2015
In the first episode of Dr. Kaycee’s new YouTube channel, Luminisce by Doc Kaycee, she asks the Legaspis this question: How do you practice self-care?
“Artista man ako o hindi, I will take care of my skin. It’s part of hygiene,” says Zoren. Mavy agrees. “During the pandemic, my visits to see Dr. Kaycee became very therapeutic for me. I always feel refreshed when I get home,” he says. Carmina adds to this, saying, “Once we step in Luminisce, we feel so safe.”

Of course, this relationship with Dr. Kaycee and her team of doctors and aestheticians at Luminisce didn’t just fall into place during the pandemic, but began all the way in 2015. Carmina shares how she was looking for a treatment to Mavy’s severe acne back then, but even after going to different doctors and trying all sorts of procedures, his condition wasn’t improving—until they met Dr. Kaycee in her flagship clinic in Bonifacio Global City.

When Dr. Kaycee was able to treat his acne through her trademark holistic innovations, which involve not just treatments but also lifestyle tweaks, the rest of the Legaspis followed suit and trusted her as their skin doctor. Mavy remembers that what impressed him the most about Dr. Kaycee and Luminisce wasn’t just their expertise, but their genuine care. “Maraming expert, pero importante ‘yung personal relationship,” he says.
Self-care in 2021
Cassy recounts when the quarantines began in 2020 and how much uncertainty was in the air. “The pandemic is very sad,” she says. “But I also try to think about the good things that came out of it.” She mentions her gratitude for still having work today and says, “It reminds me to be safe and to take care of myself. Honestly, before I thought that going to the dermatologist is arte-arte lang, but now I can see that it’s really an investment. When you take care of your skin, it means you’re taking care of yourself.” In addition to getting skin treatments, Cassy also gets regular drips to boost her immunity from Luminisce’s preventive medicine branch, Sol Revive.

To shop for Luminisce Sunscreens, visit head to or Luminisce’s social media accounts: @luminisce (Facebook), @luminisce_official (Instagram). Patient care hotline: (0977) 804 4601

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