Healthy is now Yummy with Yo! Madi Yogurt Shake

Never thought I'd like a yogurt drink as much as this one. This new drink discovery of mine is the Yo! Madi Yogurt Shake. A brand that creates a nice blend of Yogurt and real fruits blended together to create a healthy and delicious drink.
I was able to try the Mango Lassi, Straw-Nana, and the Blueberry. The first one I tried is the Mango Lassi which was really good! I love how the different flavors just blend well together. It's made out of Mango x Coconut x Milk x Yogurt.
Straw-Nana is a blend like your strawberry with yogurt but with added banana.
The Blueberry is also straight-up blueberry and yogurt which is a classic, simple yet refreshing, and healthy drink.
There are also a lot of healthy choices to choose from. The price is also not bad either. It's either Php 120 or Php 130 and is available only in one size. Just enough for you to get the health benefits of the yogurt and fruits. Also, their drinks are super yummy!

Yo! Madi Yogurt Shake is available in 3 locations
*BGC Taguig +639563040465
*Binondo Manila +639686613752
*BF Parañaque +639661727830

You can also check them out on Food Panda and Grab Food.

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