Harry Potter Airbnb Online experience in Edinburgh this Father's Day

Two words, Harry Potter....

...and I'm there. The muggle fan in me wanted to be part of this experience so I signed up! I also signed up my family to join in! Being able to do with my family during Father's day time is just a great opportunity to spend time with them.
Initially, It was a bit bizarre for me and at the same time interesting to be able to experience a place without actually being there....physically. I mean I can watch videos and read and research about it, right? But what if you have someone who's actually from that place and can guide you through this foreign place with some Harry Potter filters and feels? Wouldn't you sign up as well?? Accio laptop!
Upon signing up for the experience, you get to your Edinburgh with a Harry Potter set of eyes. Here you can see the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh through the eyes of J.K Rowling. From her poor beginnings to a billionaire author.

Jule Lenzen was our guide and gave us an overall picture of what was going to happen during the tour. But the first order of business was getting us sorted to which house we muggle fall in. There are Harry Potter trivia between the houses also and by the end of the tour, a house win.

The tour of the Edinburgh of Airbnb uses moving images keeping the action fluid and more accessible. What's particularly nice about this is that I don't need to walk. Ha ha and I get to a place faster compared to actually doing it.
During the tour, Jule shared with us places where J.K Rowling drew her inspiration, such as the school believed to be the inspiration for Hogwarts, the shops that found their way into Diagon Ally, the graveyard where she got her characters' names and much, much more. 
Along the way, the tour will tell you about the inspiration for some of the most loved characters in the Wizarding World. Trivia and questions were also thrown in once in a while you have to pay attention to what the guide is saying and asking. 
The guides keep tabs on these scores, so be sure to answer as fast and as clear as you can, and at the end, there will be a final quiz to see which Hogwarts house wins. Up to you if you want to dress up, but what I can tell is they will give extra house points to those who show up in costume. 
Overall, it was a nice experience. I get to love Edinburgh and know a bit more of the place and actually loving it because of all the Harry Potter references. This is definitely a nice experience for us as a family especially that we can't go outdoors, this is a nice experience for us to do to explore new interesting places. If you're interested, check out the experience here. Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh Tour - Airbnb

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