Don't miss out on the exciting deals from MetroSunnies this 8.8 Mega Flash Sale on Shopee!

Some really nice deals from MetroSunnies this 8.8 Mega Flash Sale on Shopee! Staying at home doesn't mean we can't protect our eyes when exposed to the sun. 
One of the items from MetroSunnies that will be on sale is the Gianni (Rose Gold) Con-Strain™ PRO Photochromic lens which automatically adapts to the environment you are in.  It will darken when exposed under the sun giving you UV400 protection and will turn back to its clear or primrose color when you go back inside. The lens is also anti-radiation
All this while giving you blue light protection also so you can use it when you're in front of the screen while studying or working.

Get the MetroSunnies Gianni (Rose Gold) / Con-Strain PRO Photochromic Blue Light / UV400 / Anti-Radiation here

If you're hosting a virtual party or celebrating with your family or friends at home, then this MetroSunnies Comb might be a nice novelty item for you. Party like a Rockstar without the lens and also use it to comb your hair. Yeap, you heard that right. :) It's also a limited edition so make sure you grab yours this 8.8 Mega Flash Sale on Shopee!

MetroSunnies™ Comb (Black) is a limited edition MetroSunnies novelty item. -

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