The Rapoo VT200s IR Optical Gaming Mouse Might Be the Best One for you.


Rapoo is known to produce high-quality products with their first-class industrial design and performance. The brand has been ranked No. 1 in China's wireless keyboard and mouse market for two consecutive years and that alone says a lot. They are still the leading supplier of wireless peripherals.

The Rapoo VT200s is an IR Optical Gaming mouse which is ergonomically designed with 8 programmable buttons which are fully customizable to your needs which you can assign a wide range of functions and macros.

It has a built-in memory to save the mouse configurations (macro, DPI setting and breathing light mode) in the game mode. What's nice about this is that the VT200S also has an adjustable real-time DPI button which lets you adjust 7 DPI values from 50-16000 DPI through DPI+/- buttons, which is up to 16000 DPI. You can also +/- DPI recurrently with an interval of 50 DPI to meet the accuracy of different screens.

LED Multi-color light system with 16 million colors. Your VT200S has an LED multi-color light system, which lets you customize the appearance of your mouse in many ways as well as to suit your preferences. The VT200S features an APM-lighting mode that reflects your actions per minute with a spectacular light show.

Available now at PC Express for only 2,249 PHP 

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