Get up to 85% OFF on the must-have eyewear for better protection and even style!

Peculiar Eyewear is the only eyewear in the Philippines with certification for UV400 and BlueLight blocking technology! It now comes with Photochromic Lens which lets you enjoy the clear lens indoor and get the optimum protection as a sunglass outdoor. 
Peculiar Eyeglass / Eyewear lenses protect against harmful blue light while offering an attractive, near-clear look. Their frames are designed for both men and women to use, it is affordable, has a fix nose pad with extra comfort. 

Passing the International Standard for USA and Europe, Peculiar Eyewear is the only one with the same benefits as SafeShield and BlueShield Peculiar Lens giving you full protection. This can also be used as replaceable frames for your graded lens.
Each eyeglass/eyewear comes with a free protective case and microfiber wiper, harmful light tester so you will know said items passed quality control. 
Anti-radiation glasses have the functions of absorbing Low-frequency microwaves, and the wearer would have a fresh and natural vision without compromising your fashion. It can also prevent headaches, migraines, and other eye irritating problems cause of too much exposure to harmful rays.
Make sure to check out the Peculiar store at ShopeeMall to get the best deals and to check out the nice frames and lenses of Peculiar.
The Peculiar x Ces.Style Classy Baby SILVER Transition PRO Antiradiation for men and women

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