Almonds take over this month's DQ Blizzard

Almonds take the spotlight in Dairy Queen’s latest Blizzard of the Month offers
Summertime may be over but the fun never stops at Dairy Queen as it rolls out its latest monthly offering that will surely drive you nuts! Enjoy new cool treats—three Blizzards, one Parfait, two Blizzard Cakes, and one Tin Cake—with the Dairy Queen Almond Blizzard of the Month Fest, featuring perfectly roasted almonds that give every bite some welcome crunch!

First are three new almond-infused Blizzards that are must-tries for any dessert lover out there: the Choco Almond Cluster Blizzard, made with rich vanilla soft serve and topped with roasted chopped almonds and luscious chocolate coating; the Almond Affogato Blizzard, made with rich vanilla soft serve that is garnished with roasted chopped almonds and coffee concentrate; and the Almond Berry Blizzard, made with rich vanilla soft serve and finished with roasted chopped almonds and strawberry topping.

These Blizzards aren't the only new treats this month! Dairy Queen is also offering a new concoction in parfait form: the Choco Almond Parfait, made with a delicious layer of Dairy Queen vanilla soft serve that is garnished with roasted chopped almonds, chocolate topping, and crushed Oreos, and topped with whipped cream—perfect for taking those mouthwatering dessert selfies.
There is also the new Almond Cake, available in 6" and 8" cakes. Made 100 percent with ice cream cake resting on a sumptuous chocolate almond base and generously topped with cookie crunch, chocolate topping, and almonds, this cool treat is a guaranteed trip to sweet heaven. Or indulge in the new Chocolate Almond To-Go Tin Cake, which comes in a reusable tin can so you can enjoy it at your own pace.
Get this offer and all of your favorite sweet treats from Dairy Queen by visiting a branch near you, or have them delivered straight to your doorstep by calling the 8911-11-11 hotline, by logging on to, or by ordering through Dairy Queen's official delivery partners GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pickaroo!
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