Saucy Fresh! World Balance x Secret Fresh B69


Here it is! Your order is here! hot and saucy fresh! The latest shoe collaboration of World Balance and Secret Fresh for the B69 Invictus Ketchup and Mustard colorway! If you're been following the amazing collaborations of these two local brands, you'd know that they have been serving up some really nice shoe collabs in the past year. From iSperm, iSperm Climax, and the B69. 
This is their second B69 release working on the silhouette of the World Balance Invictus, the really nice colorway of Ketchup and Mustard is gaining attention online and people are grabbing their pair.
The shoe rocks a suede-mesh-leather triple combo. A mix of a lot of materials actually (which is good). The top and some sides of the shoes is made out of mustard yellow mesh making it light and breathable. 
On the toe guard and heel counter you have a suede material also in mustard yellow color. There are actually 3-4 shares of yellow mustard in this shoe. The suede, yellow leather, yellow mesh and also on the midsole.
Check out vlog of this shoe here.

The midsoles is made out of red & yellow colors which suggests the ketchup and mustard. It also has a mix of beige into it which adds a nice balance on the whole look of the shoe. Another material here is the patent leather which has that classic 90"s or late 80's metallic deep red glossy finish vibe. I think it adds a nice touch or should I say sauce to the shoes. One might argue also that it's still like a wet ketchup. Cool right?
You can also see this material on the tongue of the shoe, where the Secret Fresh logo is located. There's also a red pull tab there and another pull tab at the back where the World Balance logo is located.
Now if you ask me, what does this shoe remind me of? Well, definitely not a burger. I think it's more of a hotdog concept for me. Where the beige is the skin town color is the bun.
At the bottom you have the yellow rubber, red TPU plate and also the beige part of the outsole is the same color with the sock liner and also the insole. Speaking of insole, the shoe uses the World Balance Bouncepad insole system which adds comfort and proper bounce. The bounce pad is already tried and tested and really gives you stepping comfort when you wear it for long periods of time.
The lining on the tongue is red because why not? It actually gives a nice contrast and for some reason, it works and it looks good. Can't deny, ketchup & mustard really goes well together. The rope laces are also a nice touch. I like that it's dominantly light brown and has hints of red and yellow.
To tell you honestly, the shoes look really good in real life. I mean you see it in photos or social media but this one is a good looking shoe. I never thought I'd be wearing a shoe this colorful but what can I say, I like it!  There's a harmony and balance of colors and a lot of thoughts put into this shoe. It provides moisture control, heel shock protection, durable soles, this pair serves everything from looks to functionality.
For the fit, it's not too narrow and has just the right width. I think this shoe is true to size and I love the comfort that it provides my feet.
Designed by DJ Bigboy CHeng os Secret Fresh and World Balance, what makes this Ketchup Mustard colorway special is that this is a limited release and there's only 800 pairs made. Fans of the brand is priced for only P 2,699. Now, talk about value and swag together. Definitely "Super Sulit". Local shoe brand but a world class design.

Do check out our vlog of this shoe on the channel.

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