Stock up on baby essentials with EQ and get up to 20% off this 5.5 Brands Festival.

One of the things that really give me value during Shopee sale is purchasing our baby essentials. We are blessed with two daughters and the youngest is a 7 months old baby girl. She's is starting to eat a bit more and drink a bit more. She's growing everyday and diaper changing is becoming more frequent. Just look at that little bundle of joy. :) 
Mica Soon
I am particularly excited this 5.5 Brands Festival because I get to save more and I get the best deals on baby essentials, I get up to 20% off!  

This Nursy Wipes that we always buy it has been our partner in crime with our two babies. It's cotton, alcohol free, it's thick and strong, nice power scent and is specially formulated for the baby's delicate skin.

You buy 2 and you get a Nursy 30's which you can use for your small bags or if you don't want to bring the big one. It's more portable and it's FREE! Check it out here. It's also available in one piece here.

The EQ Pants Mega Pack Medium 66's x 2 has 360 Snug Fit - Waistband is stretchable and made of soft cottony materials that allow for a comfortable fit even when baby is on the move. It's breathable waistband allows air to flow through, giving baby a fresher feeling while helping prevent rashes and irritation. Super sulit! Get it here

If you want to stock up a bit more to take advantage of the great deal, check out this deal.

Similar quality with other EQ diapers, it has Elastic Waistband for better fit and easier movement. Bubble Top Sheet which allows air to flow freely between the diaper and skin so your baby stays dry and comfortable. 100% Breathable Cloth-Like reducing heat build up. Super Absorbent Core with ADL provides maximum dryness that draws urine away from sensitive skin to prevent diaper rash, and provides affordable and superior overnight protection for baby. Wider Magic Tapes which reseals over and over even after contact with baby oil and baby powder and Side Leak Guards.
If your kid is a little bigger now and needs an assistance of a quality and affordable diaper, you can check out the EQ Pant Jumbo Pack of 240 pcs. They have XXL and XXXL sizes and also Mega pack of 66pcs 
EQ Pants Jumbo Pack XXL 240 pcs
EQ Pants Jumbo Pack XXXL 240 pcs
EQ Pants Mega Pack XXL 66s

For other essentials, be sure to check out and stock up on other items on sale, head over their official Shopee store,

Enjoy up to 20% discount on your favorite EQ products!

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