Live at Your Best with the New Devices from Huawei

These new audio and wearable from Huawei are equipped with innovations that will totally inspire you to live life at its fullest!

Huawei knows that demands of the new normal are pressing and pressuring – the need to stay productive also connotes ones’ need to stay healthy in order to perform at your very best.

Most pain points that we experience when looking for the best audio product are excessive background noise, running out of battery, poor earphone mic – these are our struggle especially during online classes, work from home set up and when livestreaming for our entertainment needs.
Another pain point that we experience when looking for the best wearable device is that it lacks a long battery life that can support our daily tasks and lacks a health management tracking feature – which is very important nowadays.

These new products coming very soon give just that – helpful devices that remind and ensure users stay in shape and experience the best audio experience we could possibly have – for our health, relaxation, entertainment and so much more.

Huawei will be soon launching new products that are jam-packed that will be leaving everyone very excited. The brand is coming up with wearables that will give consumers the best innovations unseen from competitors staying true to Huawei’s brand name as a leader in the field of technological advancement.

Huawei has in store new devices that aids to be your partner through its Full-Vision Display that allows you monitor and manage your Health with 24/7 monitoring and several workout modes that will act as your personal trainer just from your wrist! What’s more interesting is that you can also download the Huawei Health App which lets you monitor your calories and overall health management! It’s also compatible with non-Huawei smartphones!
Aside from this, Huawei is also launching a new audio device equipped with seamless audio experience alongside long battery life and quick charging that make your downtime even more relaxing or your productivity time even more immersive and in the groove. These devices are also enriched with Long Battery Life so you can live more and worry less!
These devices are set to transform consumers’ lives for them to live up to their peak potential with its stylish designs, one-of-a-kind features and innovative surprises. These innovations are designed for everyone - with years of technological expertise that allow consumers to enjoy a better quality of life to garner the best possible life experiences together with Huawei’s Seamless AI Life Strategy. These wearables will be a perfect fit for you to allow you to live in sync, giving you inspiration to live life at your best by the convenience brought about by seamless living.

Stay tuned for more exciting news!

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