Feel-Good Sounds: Huawei Audio Family Grooves to the Beat of ‘Soda’ Music Video

2020 may be fading in the rearview, and a lot of people are - understandably - eager to leave that year in the dust; however, many have also re/discovered creative passions particularly with music. In a year where staying indoors became mandatory, good tunes are quite the saving grace, after all.

Whatever’s playing out of those buds though (pop playlists, audiobooks, podcasts, what-have-you), matters only as much as the sound quality they pump out.

Huawei Audio Family: Pure listening pleasure
Huawei’s Audio Family was developed to deliver the highest-quality sound to those who need and want it. It’s a “family” because there’s something that looks/feels/sounds just right for everyone.

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro (PHP 6999)
For a pure listening experience that’s versatile enough for different environments, there’s the FreeBuds Pro with its Intelligent Dynamic ANC. More professional-oriented audio projects on the other hand, can use the FreeBuds Studio’s dual-device connection and Premium Audio Codec Chip.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i (PHP 5,990)
The FreeBuds 3i’s Dual Mic ANC fits focused study sessions and relaxed gardening projects alike.

HUAWEI FreeLace Pro (PHP 4,499)
Meanwhile, the FreeLace Pro can serve sports/music lovers’ workout needs with its Dual-mic ANC, Awareness Mode, and Triple-mic noise cancellation for utmost clarity during voice calls.

HUAWEI Sound X (PHP 19,990)
The Sound X puts other wireless speakers to shame, utilizing Devialet’s Speaker Active Matching Tech, 360-degree Lossless Surround Sound, and an elegant design, to boot. Finally, there’s the Huawei X Gentle Monster II Eyewear which stylishly integrates high-tech audio features such as the reverse field acoustic system in a pair of premium sunglasses.

Huawei’s New Intelligent Sound adds fizz to ‘Soda’
Careless Music recently released Soda - a song by artist James Reid accompanied by a couple of aesthetically-unique music videos. One of them is a “DIY” video (which includes clips shot with the Huawei Nova 7 SE) featuring Huawei’s Audio Family devices like the Sound X and FreeBuds Studio, while James adds layers of beats and riffs to the song. The other video depicts James as a planet-hopping wanderer, and even in that hypothetical distant future, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro pop up to provide chill sounds.

Soda itself is about rolling with the tide - of valuing the journey, tough times included. Click these links to watch the DIY video and official music video of James Reid’s Soda and resonate with the feel of the track:

Listening to and creating music has always been a comforting refuge from life’s challenges, and by virtue of Soda’s funky beat and laid-back vibe, there’s always a good reason to stay positive.

The Soda DIY Video showcases how the Huawei Audio Family’s New Intelligent Sound can help creators like James Reid compose their own brand of music. Through a heft of cutting-edge noise cancelling tech, versatile connectivity, and pristine sound quality, there’s no limits to musical expression with Huawei.

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