AirAsia celebrates Day of Valor “Araw ng Kagitingan,” salutes unsung heroes in rebuilding guests’ confidence in air travel

Rebuilding confidence among air travelers amid the ongoing pandemic has been a constant challenge for all in the aviation industry, and AirAsia is not an exception. There are unsung heroes whom passengers don’t usually see but ensures their AirAsia experience remains COVID-19 free---the aircraft cleaners.

Angelito Quan Jr. has been with AirAsia’s contracted aircraft cleaner, ASI for 2 years now. Cleaning and sanitizing the cabin, galley, passenger seating area, cockpit, lavatory, and the cargo compartment has been part of his daily routine.

He says for two years, in the performance of his job, he is always guided by two “P’s” - pride and passion.

Angelito shares, “Now, with the unseen and treacherous enemy, it is essential to always practice another “P” – precision. I always keep in mind that our guests rely heavily on us, to thoroughly clean and disinfect the aircraft. This way, we continuously rebuild their confidence in flying.”

Before proceeding to the aircraft, Angelito and his colleagues make sure they are physically sound as they go through a series of health checks. They would also sanitize their hands properly before putting on their masks, face shield, gloves and personal protective equipment or PPE. This lessens the risks of contaminating aircraft surfaces.

“It can be a bit challenging these days to be wearing a lot of paraphernalia considering the hot and humid weather, but we know this is our first line of defense against the virus. We make sure that no task is skipped. Pre-pandemic, we just wipe and vacuum the aircraft, now we have to do the misting first before we touch anything,” he added.

At the end of each duty session, they see to it that all disposable gears are disposed appropriately. It is a tiring day, they say, but one with a big reward.
“What makes our job fulfilling is the fact that when we reach home, we know, that once an AirAsia aircraft takes off, it brings people safely to their respective destinations. We may not be in the hospitals directly combating COVID-19, but we are here to make sure you don’t reach the hospitals because we keep your aircraft cabin, COVID free,” said Angelito.

Keeping the aircraft clean and safe however doesn’t have to sacrifice quality of service. Thanks to efficient aircraft cleaners like Angelo, AirAsia has maintained a 93% On Time Performance (OTP) rating since the beginning of 2021.

AirAsia Philippines Spokesperson Steve Dailisan said, “On this day of valor, AirAsia salutes all our unsung heroes for helping us maintain the highest standards of health and safety in flight and on ground. We thank them for exemplifying bravery in their line of work for all our guests and for their families.

“While only essential travel is allowed for most of our domestic destinations, our mission has always been consistent---keep our guests comfortable, safe and worry-free when they fly with us. We intend to keep it this way, even beyond the end of the pandemic.”

All AirAsia aircraft are fitted with hospital-grade High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that filter out 99.99% of dust particles and airborne contaminants including viruses and bacteria, ensuring the cabin air is clean and safe for everyone.

AirAsia’s efforts by going above and beyond the protection of its passengers against COVID-19 have earned the airline a perfect 7-star rating from

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