Tmall Global Ramps up Support for New Sellers Entering China

Streamlined on-boarding and upgraded digital solutions to help SMEs tap into the world’s largest consumer market
Alibaba Group’s cross-border business-to-consumer marketplace Tmall Global today announced a new suite of solutions at the 2021 Tmall Global New Seller Virtual Summit to help overseas brands including those in the Philippines capture growing consumption opportunities in China. 

“Brands, particularly small- and medium-sized players that have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, are trying their best to enter new markets and find fresh channels for growth. In China, e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Global have become consumers’ preferred avenues for purchasing overseas products. Tmall Global is committed to providing a suite of solutions to help new overseas sellers capture these opportunities and assisting brands to bring quality products into China market,” said Maggie Liu, General Manager of Tmall Global. 

The registration for Tmall Global can be completed using the platform’s new self-service portal and getting started to open a storefront will take as little as 30 days. With its new Official Operating Service, merchants of all sizes, including those with zero Chinese ecommerce operational experience, can launch their brands smoothly on Tmall Global. 

In addition to a streamlined on-boarding process, overseas brands and retailers will receive tailored consultation, operations and content support as well as other value-added services through Tmall Global and its extensive partner network worldwide. Tmall Global will also roll out region-specific programs to further support merchants who plan to establish a presence in China. 

The 2021 Tmall Global New Seller Summit is the first-ever virtual summit hosted by the platform with regional and category-specific content sessions spanning seven time zones from today until January 21. It covers China's cross-border e-commerce landscape and market insights, as well as case studies from different regions and industries. Brand owners can directly speak to our business development experts to learn more about how to launch their products in China. 

China’s consumption of imported goods has seen compounded annual growth of 76%[1]. This trend indicates the market is set to attract an increasing number of foreign brands looking to establish their footprint via online channels. According to Tmall Global, more than 29,000 brands across 5,800 categories had come onto the platform at the end of December 2020, over 80% of them are entering China for the first time. 

Tmall Global will provide sellers with access to a variety of content marketing resources to help them deliver a more robust value proposition. The resources include, influencer pitches, short-video and livestreaming vendor collaboration opportunities to effectively engage with the Chinese audience and to deliver greater brand value. Other value-added services that new sellers can enjoy include first mile storage and shipping, all-round insurance and supply chain finance. 

Currently, Tmall Global offers a range of operational solutions aimed at helping overseas merchants find the most suitable business model for reaching Chinese consumers. Those who want to test the sales potential of their products in China can start by utilizing Tmall Overseas Warehouses solution, or Tmall Overseas Fulfillment (TOF), set up for direct fulfilment to consumers. This model helps brands to maintain inventory flexibility and lower logistics and storage costs. The year-to-date growth of TOF’s GMV saw nearly 200% increase for the nine months ended December 2020. 

With its comprehensive and high-quality offerings, Tmall Global has been successful at meeting new consumer demand as appetite for imports and new, personalized or limited-edition products continued to grow. The number of brands and merchants on Tmall Global as of September 30, 2020 grew at a double-digit rate year-over-year. 

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