[Review] Huawei Watch Fit

A smartwatch that has an animated fitness coach, long battery life that can last up to 10 days, and a 1.64 AMOLED display
Alright here we go, In case you missed it, we recently did an unboxing of the Huawei Watch Fit and also gave our first impressions on it. (you can check it out here.)

The Huawei Watch Fit is Huawei's latest additions to its wearables and this one is totally different from its other wearables. For one, it is rectangular in shape and the first one for Huawei. Now the shape may resemble another smartwatch but it doesn't really matter. The Huawei Watch Fit one has a big 1.64" AMOLED display and an assistive animated fitness coach that can help you with your workouts. Aside from these features, The Huawei watch fit also can last up to 10 days' battery life which is pretty amazing. 

Here are some of the features highlight on the box of the box.
  1. 1.64-inch AMOLED display
  2. Long Battery life
  3. 12 animated fitness courses
  4. 96 workout modes
  5. scientific workout guidance
  6. full-health monitoring
  7. built-in GPS
  8. 5ATM water resistance.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 compared to the Huawei Watch Fit

I think it's just refreshing to see a rectangular shaped watch from Huawei. We already know of the nice AMOLED color screen with a size of 1.64 inch. Looking at it closely it has a bit of a bezel but it's just the right size. If you take a close look, it has that nice edged display and also has a nice viewing angle. The finish of the bezel is a black graphite color that blends well with anything really. The finish is also kind of matte, has that very nice built quality that Huawei is known for, and looks premium.
The watch weighs approximately 21g without the strap. Now talking about the strap, it is made out of silicone and measures around 120mm for the long strap and 80mmfor the short one.

On the right side of the watch, you can see the multi-function button which you can use to access the different menus and workout modes on your Huawei watch fit. get workout modes, fitness courses and so much more. The Huawei Watch Fit has a couple of sensors in it, a 6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor), Optical heart rate sensor, Capacitive sensor & Ambient light sensor. This one also has a GPS positioning system + GLONASS.

This is what you will see on the home screen. When you swipe left you get the heart rate monitor and stress monitor which can track you 24 hours, get weather updates, control your music, and also access the pedometer. Aside from this, you can swipe up to get your notifications from text messages, social media, and other messaging apps. Swiping from the top is where you'll access the quick settings.

Check out the VLOG for more info.

This is the animated fitness coach that helps you get your workout done even if you're just at home or at the office. I think it's pretty cool and amazing to have this feature embedded in the watch. 

Personally, I do find a lot of features on this phone very useful. I like that I can track my sleep, my heart rate, and stress level. A reminder to move, drink, and get a bit more active helps me keep moving and not stay glued to my screen the whole day.

The Find My Phone feature, Timer, and remote shutter for the camera comes in very handy at times whenever I need to get things done. Just make sure to connect it to your Huawei Health app. Which reminds me, the first thing you need to do when you get the watch is to update it to get the latest firmware and features. You can access this via the Health app of Huawei.

Performance & Usability.
It does perform as expected, the battery life lasts me a little more than 10 days and I find the many features of this smartwatch very useful in a day to day scenario. My initial impression is that it's a worthy buy after comparing it with other smartwatches I've tried and I will stick to that.

The AMOLED screen does make it look appealing with the colorful watch faces that you can use which you can also download from the Huawei Health app. There's no limit on how many watch faces you can download to give you more flexibility and allows you to express yourself more.

The only thing that I can comment about this watch is that you can answer calls because it doesn't have any speaker or microphone. You also can't respond to text messages which is not a deal-breaker. But one drawback for me would have to be the charger. It comes with a separate charger and its new and first of its kind in the Huawei wearable chargers. I guess I'm just afraid that I will lose and would have to buy a new one. I do suggest that you keep it a home where it's safe and where you can't really lose it.

Other than that the Huawei Watch Fit just performs amazingly. It just ticks all of the boxes. It's stylish, durable, lots of fitness activities, some very useful features, long battery life, and charges fast. 5 minutes of charge and it can last you the whole day.

For the price of P 4,999 this is definitely a watch that is worthy of your hard-earned money. You're actually paying less for the amount of tech and features that the Huawei Watch Fit has to offer. Be sure to visit the official Huawei Store because they have flash sales and offer discounts on their devices, wearable and even accessories. Check them out right here. https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/

Alright that is it! but that do you think of the watch? Be sure to check out our unboxing and initial impressions on the of the Huawei Watch Fit.

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