Globe named as one of Top 30 ‘Global Rising Star’ telcos in the World

In a time where fast and reliable connectivity has become a daily necessity, Globe is stepping up its game to deliver all the tools that customers need to stay on top of life in the digital normal. The company has recently been named one of the Global Rising Stars at the Opensignal[1] Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2020, owing to its continuous improvements innovations in mobile technology and service. 

Created by independent mobile analytics firm, Opensignal, the Global Rising Star citation is given to the top 30 telco operators across the globe whose customers have seen the greatest improvement in mobile network experience in the last year, between the first half of 2019, and the first half of 2020. Globe has made impressive progress in Opensignal’s four critical measures of the mobile network experience, namely Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience and 4G Availability, and even bagged a Global Rising Star award for Video Experience – a feat described by Opensignal as “requiring tremendous effort.” 

Globe’s fast and reliable internet connection has become an essential in today’s world, enabling a multitude of activities across Filipinos from all walks of life. Remote employees can now transform their homes into a workspace where they can continue making a living for their families, with video calls and online meetings an integral part of their day. Students who have shifted to distance learning can also take their classes and access learning materials online throughout the school year.

Apart from work, the strong connectivity provided by Globe has proven ideal for those pursuing the hobbies and pastimes they love. With its improved video experience, the possibilities are endless for customers – they can stream their favorite movies in high definition, watch online concerts without a fuss, and even learn a skill or two through YouTube! For gamers, Globe’s improved latency allows them to seamlessly play and be competitive with their friends online.

In order to keep up with the modern Filipino’s need for fast and reliable internet, Globe is accelerating its network improvements to deliver higher capacity and expanded coverage for more people. This includes 1) upgrading all its cell sites to 4G/LTE; 2) speeding up 5G availability where it matters, and 3) fast-tracking fiber rollout to homes. These are all crucial enhancements to power the digital lives of all Filipinos, making each day better, easier, and more enjoyable. 

We are extremely proud of the recognition given by Opensignal. This signifies our commitment to our customers that we will always find ways to improve their Globe experience that goes beyond connectivity," says Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu. 

As Filipinos recreate a better normal for themselves and their community, Globe will continue to do everything possible to empower them with services and offers that match whatever their lifestyles need. That way, every Filipino can move forward into 2021 with courage and confidence to face whatever lies ahead.

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