Globe Empowers The Youth To Stay Connected With Virtual Hangouts Powered by Go and Go+ Prepaid Promos

Missing the fun of hanging out with your crew? With almost everything done online nowadays, it’s time to fully embrace the digital lifestyle and take advantage of it. Now, spending time with your friends is made possible from the comforts of your home with Globe Prepaid Virtual Hangouts! 

Aside from staying connected with those who matter most to you, this new platform will allow you to enjoy things that you love, pursue your passions, and discover new ones. You can still live your best life, even online with all the exclusive events in store for you. 

Globe Virtual Hangouts offer a series of virtual events that will elevate your online experience by bringing popular local and international artists; competitive esport athletes and influential personalities who will continue to inspire our youth today. 

Catering to four different passion points of the Gen Zs, Virtual Hangouts will empower the youth to recreate moments with friends #OLTogetherNow. 

There’s no need to wait for next year to experience the energy of music festivals and concerts because Virtual Hangouts has an amazing line-up of online events that will hype any music lover out there. 

The series of Go JAM concerts will be headlined by the most-awaited music festival, Wanderland Music Fest 2020, happening on October 24, 2020! 

Also watch out for your favorite artists as they grace the Go JAM Live Stage stage very soon. 

Filipino Hallyu fans were promised a great year of fan meets and concerts, but due to the global health situation, most had to be postponed or cancelled altogether. As a way to delight them, Virtual Hangouts will be featuring exclusive experiences such as fan meets with the biggest K-Idols in the industry today. Can you guess who they might be? 

Kicking everything off, a virtual meet and greet with South Korean boy band Stray Kids is happening on October 17 at the Kmmunity PH VLive channel. Fans can also expect a lot of exciting K-cutlure related activities and experiences with their squad for the rest of the month. 

Virtual Hangouts will also be bringing youth and school-oriented events so that in these changing times, they can be ready and equipped for whatever the future may bring especially in terms of education and career. 

Through the upcoming online event entitled “Future Forward: A Virtual Youth Summit” they will be able to learn from young industry leaders and have a platform to really talk about things that are important to them. The summit will discuss topics like post college choices, raketeer hacks, technology and a lot more. Aside from this, regional virtual campus tours are also in the works to reach out to Gen Zs across the country. 

The local landscape of esports and gaming has reached new heights over the past couple of years. Even in these circumstances, online tournaments and esports classes are still on a GO and will be available on Virtual Hangouts. 

Gamers shouldn’t miss the Super Gamer Fest happening this December where they can enjoy all things esports—from tournaments, watch parties, virtual meet and greets with your favorite players, workshops and training, and the Super Gamer Fest Awards.
Hang out More With Globe Prepaid’s New Go and Go+ Promos 
To fully enjoy Virtual Hangouts, don’t forget to subscribe to Globe Prepaid’s new Go and Go+ promos and GoBOOSTERS! 

There’s no need to hold back when it comes to streaming events online and using your favorite apps, because these promos have the biggest data allocations together with unlimited texts to all networks, and more. 

Amplify your internet connectivity even more with GoBOOSTERS that will empower you to live your lifestyle–from getting more GBs, more app access, or even longer validity. 

Globe Virtual Hangouts allows live music, fanmeets, gaming tournaments and youth summits more accessible to GenZs wherever they are. The immersive and interactive components of the events will give the viewer a feeling of as if being there. 

To be part of these exciting events, just open the GlobeOne app, click on the Discover tab, Click “View All” to go to Virtual Hangouts Page, choose your preferred event, and click “Join.” You can also tap the heart icon to save the event or share it to your friend. See you there! 

To know more about Virtual Hangouts, download the GlobeOne app now!

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