5 Trends in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education isn’t just about teaching children; it’s about helping to mould successful adults. The education a child receives during their early development can affect many aspects of their future life, and so, it’s important we take a deep look at the way we are teaching children at this sensitive point in their development. 

We’re learning more and more about early childhood development, and this is leading to new trends in education. Here are five trends to look for in early childhood education. 

Social and Emotional Learning 
Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children understand and manage their emotions, a skill that’s vital as they progress through their lives. 

We often hear big businesses talking about looking for people with “soft skills” such as empathy, and working as part of a team, and these are just some of the qualities that come from social and emotional learning. 

Studies shows that social and emotional learning in early childhood education helped students achieve an 11% gain in academic achievement, and the skills they learn can help them throughout their lives. 

A Greater Appreciation for ECE 
Society is gradually accepting how important early childhood education is in the development of children. These early years are where children learn essential skills that will last them throughout their lives, and the quality of education they receive will affect this. 

We are learning more and more about child development, and all the signs point to the importance of early childhood education in moulding the adults of the future. It might be a slow process, but early childhood education is beginning to receive wider appreciation. 

The Role of Technology 
It’s a prominent question of our times – what role should technology play in the lives of young children? The answer is not simple, and there are people on both sides of the divide. 

However, technology is a fundamental part of our lives, and children need to learn to interact with it at some point. Early childhood education is an ideal time to introduce children to the technology that’s going to play a big part in their lives, but in a controlled environment. 

How we interact with technology is an ever-growing question, and ECE can help shape children's relationships with technology in a positive way. 

Emphasis on Teachers with Degrees 
With the recognition of the importance of early childhood education comes a push for further education of teachers. 

We know how important this stage of development is for children, so it’s important that we’re giving teachers the best possible training. Further education is seen as one of the best ways to do this, and you will find a wide range of courses relating to ECE. 

Physical Education 
Many countries around the world are struggling with childhood obesity, and so, physical education is seen as an important part of early childhood education. 

It’s in this early stage of childhood development that good habits can be formed in regards to physical activity, and this can help children stay healthy and active throughout their lives.

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