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When times change rapidly, one thing that should always keep up with it is the beyond edge technology. As a global technology leader, Huawei has continuously innovated and developed the HUAWEI AppGallery since 2011, and today we have millions of applications ready for you to explore.

HUAWEI AppGallery has set a staggering record in the global technology industry by building a platform for Huawei devices using the HUAWEI Mobile Service, or HMS, that quickly gained popularity after its launch in Asia. On top of that, it being raised to be the world's third most popular platform that serve to more than 170 countries around the world and got more than 400 million registered users worldwide within a month. This success is a guarantee that HUAWEI AppGallery is now one of the quality platforms that can truly meet the digital lifestyles. 

In 2020, HUAWEI AppGallery is partnering with developers from many countries all over the world to expand this massive app hub for meet up the changing needs of the world's social trends. Or it could be said that this plan is for your future by dividing apps to 18 categories, such as... 
Entertainment - More fun to explore
Huawei never miss to gather your favorite movies, hot series, or bunch of your favorite songs into HUAWEI AppGallery. Entertainments from all over the world are ready to fulfill your life with fun for 24 hours a day like HUAWEI Video, Kumu, Viu, and iFlix

Gaming - More thrills to explore
Live your life more fun with the hottest games from around the world. Thrilling action games of all time like Garana Free Fire or Lords Mobile scoring games like Candy Crush, as well as exciting sports games that invite you to compete through stunningly realistic graphics like Asphalt 9

E-Commerce - More deals to explore
Bring all shopping platforms into one place. You will enjoy shopping through popular online shopping app, order anytime anywhere. Save travel time, get a products and services at your home. Such as Shopee, Lazada, and BeautyMNL. You can also find Shopback, an app that offers smarter way to shop online in conjuction with other shopping apps.

E-wallet - More convenience to explore
Allowing you to spend more conveniently and quickly through an E-Wallet instead of cash. We take care of your privacy with 4 layers of security to verify your true identity before you use it. Be assured of every transaction such as Gcash and Paymaya.

Food Delivery - More taste to explore
Provide you the taste of tens of thousands of dishes from famous restaurants at your home. No matter when, HUAWEI AppGallery will ready to open a menu for you to choose a delicious apps that you want immediately. Just only download. Such as Foodpanda, MetroMart, Booky, and Shakey’s SuperApp

Transportation - More places to explore

Ínstead of going outside to buy your essentials, you can hire a shopper through pabili service apps that you can download on HUAWEI AppGallery. Joyride has a JoyRide Pabili feature that can be used for food orders/take-outs, purchasing medicine, etc. Biker will pay for the item/s first at the establishment in the pick-up location and deliver item/s to the plotted drop-off location. 

Make you feel relieved when you plan for future safe travels whether for business or vacation, local or abroad, by giving you the best direction so you never miss any moment of your life like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, miDriver, and OWTO
These are just some of the things that will lift up your life to the next level of convenience. HUAWEI AppGallery has specially chosen the most popular apps just for you. There will be various special rewards for those who will download apps via HUAWEI AppGallery. 

Enjoy earning HUAWEI Points, gift vouchers from the application and all the VIP privileges that waiting for you at Gift Center. Just visit and check out the new rewards per category – Entertainment, Gaming, E-Commerce, E-wallet, Food Delivery, and Transportation. Rewards will be updated accordingly from September until November 2020.
Download these select apps and get a chance to win cool Huawei devices like the latest flagship device HUAWEI P40 Pro. https://campaign-dra.jos.hicloud.com/nsp-appgallary-awap-dra/campaignpreview/4f97c33e-1156-45a9-9a2c-fb81c8189922/index.html?campaignId=46806&agChannel=pr

Find the millions of apps you love and update them in HUAWEI App Gallery every day at https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/mobileservices/appgallery/.

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