Recreate. Better Days: Globe Launches Its New Campaign In Shaping The Future

When 2020 started, most of us envisioned this to be our year—full of milestones and firsts—but when the pandemic hit, plans were cancelled, events were postponed, and travels were rescheduled to a much later time. Suddenly, we were working and learning from home and our “see you on the weekend” quips turned to “see you when things get back to normal.” 

For weeks and even months on end, it felt like we were losing our grip on our lives, not being able to go outside and partaking in our normal routine of work, school, and social life all at the confines of our homes. Coping with the separation and isolation of the lockdown would have been impossible if not for the internet, which became our lifeline to our loved ones, to our passions, and even to novel ways to learn new skills and earn a living. It was really quite a journey; social media was filled with self-taught bakers and baristas, people began reconnecting with their creative sides, and most of all, the real sense of Filipino bayanihan shone in those dark times.
Globe has become a steady fixture in all of these by continuously providing products and services that empowered people to bounce back and do great things despite the circumstances. Now that the dust has settled, Globe wants to champion the values of resilience and innovation through its newest campaign, Recreate. Better Days. 

Recreating better days means embracing the change in how we live and striving to move forward, with a little help from Globe. For small businesses, this is choosing to go digital to offer products and services to more people, making up for lost income, and being the change in the lives of employees and staff. For parents, this is navigating the new distance learning platforms together with their children and accepting that this is what’s the best for everyone right now. And for friends who haven’t seen each other for months, this means reconnecting while staying at home with an abundance of video calls and interactive online applications. 

As part of the Recreate. Better Days campaign, Globe also launched new interest-based channels as a way to inspire more people to discover and rediscover their passions that may have been lost amid the recent chaos. 

For pop culture fans, Globe Poppin delivers you the trendiest and freshest content on music, movies, TV, and everything in between. While K-fans have the Globe Kmmunity PH to celebrate and rave about all things Korean. 

When it comes to parenting, learn and share tips with other Filipino parents in an honest and authentic space with the Globe Parental Guidance community on Facebook. Globe Self Space, on the other hand, is your social space for self-care and wellness. Watch out for informative and insightful content coming out soon on its YouTube and Spotify channels. 

There is also something for all gaming and tech enthusiasts out there! Get the latest and hottest news in the world of gaming and esports and discuss it with other gamers in the exclusive Facebook group of Globe GGWP. Fond of tech and digital talks? Geek out on the freshest device news and discover tech trends with Globe On The Radar on Twitter, Spotify Podcast, and YouTube. 

Let Globe be your partner in recreating better days, starting today. To know more about this story, visit

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