New Kicks from PUMA Celebrating Mario's 35th Anniversary

Celebrating Nintendo's 35th Mario Anniversary is here and part of the celebration is a special shoe release with PUMA. If you've seen the RS-Dreamer Super Mario 64 basketball shoes (which look more like a Sonic shoe) that sold out fast. While we are not still sure if there will be a restock for the RS-Dreamer Super Mario, I suggest you guys check these two Super Mario designs PUMA is releasing.
Puma is adding the Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy variants. If these releases would be similar to Super Mario 64 shoes, this pair will set you back  $125 USD, with junior sizes available for $100 USD. 

While it might be a bit expensive for some, shoe enthusiasts and Mario fans alike will probably find the investment reasonable.

Now if it's going to be available here in the Philippines? We don't know yet but we hope so! :)

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