[In-Depth Review] Huawei Sound X

If you were able to watch my initial video about the Huawei Sound X (video below) you may have an idea of what this small but mighty speaker is cable of. 

The Huawei Sound X is the brand's first take on high-end speakers, this is actually co-engineered with DEVIALET. So who is Devialet and why does it matter? Devialet is a French-based audio company that is known to produce amazing Hi-Fidelity Speakers. The company has earned a really good reputation in the audio world and has garnered so many awards and technology patents. They are good a producing pure quality audio that has amazing power and performance even with a limited-sized body.
The Huawei Sound X is equipped with Devialet's Jewel Sub-woofers, patented signal processing SAM technology or Speaker Active Matching and the iconic push-push design, the effect of these technology into one speaker limited the vibration and distortion in the audio. (it's amazing really) Something worth noting is that Devialet is part of the top 3 audio companies in the world. Now that says a lot.

You may have noticed it already. Huawei is known to collaborate with top brands known in their industry. You may have seen the Porsche Design and Leica Lens collaboration with Huawei and this time with a premium quality speaker with Devialet. 

To be a bit more technical, SAM® introduces an algorithm that is capable of adapting the output signal to match the specific characteristics of the speaker and minimizes sound distortion. The Push-Push structure places the two high-power speakers back-to-back so that their back wave vibrations cancel each other out. So that means that even when the walls are shaking from the thundering bass tones, the Sound X body produces the same undistorted sound.

The design is a simple cylindrical shape and comes in one color, a beautiful black piano variant. Yea it is quite a fingerprint magnet but don't worry, inside the box, it comes with a microfiber to help you wipe off those prints and also a mesh cover to protect it from scratches or dents when not in use.

Overall, it is premium looking. It's shiny and is made out of polycarbonate body coating. Smooth and sleek, this will definitely fit in any part of your room. The lower third of the speaker is a metal mesh fabric that is spill and stain-resistant.

Now if you look at the two speakers, you can't miss it actually because it is exposed and the cutout where it is placed houses the two 60watt, 3.5inch Devialet Jewel Subwoofer. Don't be too concerned that dust might get in because it is also dust-proof so you're good!

On top is a round touch-sensitive button controls that light up in gradient RGB colors when you pair and adjust the volumes. I also mentioned during my vlog that pausing and playing on the Huawei Sound X is also easy, all you have to do is put your palm on top of the volume controls. 
Pairing is also easy. You just have to press and hold for 2-3 seconds and your devices can already search the HUAWEI Sound X on the Bluetooth connections which also has Bluetooth 5.0. Another cool pairing feature is the Huawei Share function. All you need to do is that your Huawei capable phone into the speaker and you are automatically connected. (see a demo on the video right here)

At the bottom is where you plug in the power cord and you can also see there a cut or a gap for the wire you can place the Huawei Sound X flat on the table. 

If you want more info and details on this one, be sure to check out the vlog to also check the unboxing. 

If you remember, we talked about the 60W bass power jewel sub-woofer speakers and has that SAM technology and push-push design. The sub-woofers are also mounted on six (6) 1.5 inch, 8Watt full-range speakers, so in total, that's 8 speakers giving you that 306 degrees surround sound wherever you put it in your house.

There's also an app that you can download to make some tweaks or adjustments to the sounds or bass. You can also adjust yung output ng sounds as speaker mo vai this app so be sure to check out the Huawei Life App. 

One nice feature here is that if you're using the speaker to play your music or movies and someone calls, the audio will not be connected to the speaker. It will pause/stop whatever the speaker is playing so you can take the call on your phone, giving you that privacy. I personally think that this is a very intuitive and thoughtful feature to make the whole Huawei Sound X experience better.

The Huawei Sound X has 8GB ROM + 512MB RAM and runs on Mediatek MT8515 Quad Core. In the Box you'd find the HUAWEI Sound X, power adapter & charging cable, a quick start guide, warranty card, cleaning cloth, and also the mesh cover.

The Huawei Sound X fits into the mature ecosystem of Huawei. Their smartphone being in the center of it all connects all these devices together for that seamless integration. Connect it to your speaker, watch, laptop, headphones, and tablet.

What I would like to have in this speaker is a 3.5mm jack so that I can connect other devices to this wonderful speaker and also maybe a skip to the next track feature on the control panel on top. Right now, I can't skip to the next song manually via the Huawei Sound X.

The Huawei Sound X is priced at P 19,990. Now it may be a bit steep for some but for the hardware and features you'd be getting, it's like owning a piece of this premium Devialet speaker made even better with the Huawei software. So yeah, I think it's pretty worth it, and the performance of this speaker is truly amazing. 

Low bass, clear vocal, and bright treble, you'd really appreciate the sound quality of this speaker. So if you're looking for a high-quality sound speaker at this price point, this is for you. 

But let me know what you think, head over to the YouTube channel and drop a comment and let me know what you think of this speaker.

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