Creating Peace at Home with Mia Miason Home Fragrance Scents

Home is where the mind and body should be at peace, but with the current situation during this pandemic, the safe haven has immediately become an office and a school for most of us. Working from home has been a challenge when it used to be a whole lot easier. For me I think that it's just as stressful if not, even more challenging as to when we used to go to work before. It is equally draining physically, mentally and emotionally. Thing with this setup is that sometimes, we do not know where we draw the line of 'work time' and 'family time'. The indirect effect of this also changes the mood and vibe inside our living spaces.
One thing that helps me find peace on a day to day is sometimes I meditate to start my day. Have a good breakfast, power through the day. In some areas and spaces may it be in the office or at home, I usually have some scents, sprays and diffusers. Personally, I feel that having these calming, relaxing and energizing scents gives me the right mood and peace within which I think we all need in these trying times.
Mia Maison, the leading name in local Home Fragrance and Home Air Care, has been making scents for almost 14 years now. What started as a home-business of a start up mom, and had their first kiosk in Glorietta has now around 60 stores opened and maintained nationwide. Leading and being the premiere brand in the Philippine Home Fragrance Market with world-class products and mixers even winning the Superbrand seal last 2016.

Lately, Mia Maison has been bolstering its presence online by opening official shops at partner online retailers Lazada and Shopee giving more Filipinos avenues to freshen their homes. Quick on their feet, Mia Maison shifted its presence online when the quarantine started. Even with ease-up in quarantine protocols, Mia Maison knew the importance of the digital space.
We’ve always had our eyes on digital, but with what has been happening recently, we had to fast-track the process and we shifted our business mostly to online now” says Ms. Shirley Lucas Reyes, founder and CEO of Mia Maison Home Fragrances. “Now more than ever, we saw the need of our products to reach more and more homes that’s why we partnered with the country’s top online retailers like Lazada, Shopee and most recently GrabMart to ensure that we are just a click away from getting your favorite Mia Maison scents.”
Mia Maison not only adapted to move its distribution online, it also increased its product offering by adapting to the ever-changing needs of everyone.

“While our scents help alleviate anxiety and stress because of the presence of certain essential oils in our scents, we knew that we had to create ways to ensure that our homes and living spaces remain safe havens especially that we will probably be stuck at home for longer periods of time, “ adds Ms. Shirley.
The home fragrance house recently launched the Mia Maison Clean Essentials Aero Spray – giving you and your living spaces utmost protection from germs, microbes and certain viruses. This linen and fabric spray effectively eliminate these microbes so you and your family can have fresher and safer homes. Clean Essentials - starts at Php 1775 (Aerospray with 300ml scent)

Aside from eliminating microbes, Mia Maison also developed a way to effectively eliminate nasty odors from enclosed spaced with Mia Maison Odour Away.
 Odour Away doesn’t just mask nasty smells, it combats them on a molecular level. You may enjoy a couple of varied scents from the series including Anti-Tobacco (to effectively get rid of nasty cigarette smells), Kitchen Bliss, and Clean Space. These scents are available in a wide-range of applications as well (Water-based oils, Aromatherapy, Linen Spray, Reed Diffuser)

Lastly, for the techy ones, there’s S.A.M. – Mia Maison’s first foray into smart aroma application. Want a scenting machine that you can pre-program to burst at specific intervals or would only turn on during a specific timeframe? S.A.M. can do that. S.A.M. stands for Smart Aromatic Machine and Mia Maison is the first local company to bring this technology here in the Philippine Home Fragrance scene. S.A.M. products starts at Php 4,080

If you’re fan of the classics, Mia Maison has promised to ensure that its customers will always have a steady supply of them. You can choose from Mia Maison’s best-selling fragrances like the Original Fresh Bamboo, Green Tea, Ocean Breeze, Warm Cotton, White Tea & Ginger, Lavender, Peppermint, and Citronella or go top side and explore its esteemed LUXE Collection which drew inspiration from the owner’s love of traveling. The Mia Maison LUXE collection starts at Php 825 for the 100ml water-based oils
To give everyone more reason to freshen their homes and keep the atmosphere stress-free, Mia Maison will be participating in the 9.9 deal this coming September 9, 2020! Enjoy up to 20% Discount on its wide-range of fragrances at Lazada or a 15% Cashback on Shopee! Check Mia Maison’s Official Flagship stores and refresh for less!

Buy from MIA MAISON directly.
  • I do recommend that you guys check out the official stores of Mia Maison on Shopee and Lazada to ensure the product's effectiveness. 
  • Customers would be able to know because of the quality markings found on each Mia Maison packaging to ensure that you get the absolute best for your family. 
  • To ensure you are getting an official product, look for the stylized logo of Mia Maison on every item you receive, with a clean font that properly spells out the product name and its descriptor, as well as a properly placed label. 
  • Each bottle of Mia Maison Home Fragrances includes 14-years’ worth of product perfection. 
  • If you have any doubt or concerns about a particular Mia Maison product, you may get in touch with Mia Maison via its Official Facebook Page.
Understanding that quality service is also needed in these times, Mia Maison created a Customer Service Group (CSG) that oversees all online & offline product inquiries and availability. The CSG caters to product usage and troubleshooting.

“Now, more than ever, maintaining a healthy home air care is more absolutely necessary. We understand that there is a major shift of people staying indoors now and we probably won’t be going back to the way things were until next year or even beyond, so creating safe spaces at home is the best thing we can do and at Mia Maison, we are super passionate about this. Hopefully, with a bit more patience, perseverance and our loved ones cozying up safe in our respected living spaces, we can weather this pandemic together.”

Creating pockets of peace at home . Let Mia Maison help you get through these challenging times with new innovations fit for the New Normal.

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