PARADISE RISING releases first mixtape semilucent under newly launched label

The mixtape culls five rising stars of Filipino descent for a sonically ambitious body of work

Today, 88rising’s sister label PARADISE RISING, announces the launch of its first mixtape: semilucent to be distributed by 12Tone Music. The mixtape features songs from five artists curated by the Filipino label: Fern., Jason Dhakal, Kiana V, Leila Alcasid and Massiah. 

The album aims to highlight each artist’s unique genre and take on their Filipino roots, providing variety and harmony to the label: Kiana V, a highly prolific Neo-soul/Future R&B artist from Manila and currently based in Los Angeles; Massiah, an emerging Filipino-Ghanian artist from the Dumaguete’s underground Hip-Hop scene merges the two cultures through his music; Jason Dhakal, a powerful contemporary R&B singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Oman; and Leila Alcasid, a talented singer-songwriter who grew up in Australia before moving to Manila in 2017 who intends to jumpstart her pop music career. 

Here's our review on each of the track

Rounding out this group is young Indie Pop artist Fern., whose goal is to create what he calls “dream pop” - an ambitious new genre that creates an environment where indie and mainstream listeners can come together for one common thing—the music. All five artists launched their own track on the new mixtape, providing the audience with a full array of sensual and upbeat tracks. The full track list features: Endlessly + Tenderly by Jason Dhakal, Clouds by Leila Alcasid and Moophs, On God by Massiah, Kaori by Fern. and lastly, Safe Place by Kiana V. 
With semilucent, listeners can look forward to genre-bending eclectic sounds with elements of Jazz, R&B, ‘90s Pop and Soul. These musical nodes elude at what’s in store for listeners -- an ethereal atmosphere, emitting lights, sounds and beauty. The mixtape campaign likewise features artwork that draws inspiration from the beauty of the Philippines--- specifically the colors of a warm coastline slowly waking up from slumber. 

While this is the first mixtape to debut under PARADISE RISING, fans can soon expect more song releases that will be amplified by promotional events, digital content, and music video exclusives via the official PARADISE RISING pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Dive in and listen to the tracks from semilucent at

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