Jelo Acosta, Pinoy Rap's Newest Prodigy

Curve Entertainment is proud to introduce its newest discovery – singer, songwriter and rapper Jelo Acosta. 

This eighteen year-old genious has shown tremendous potential as a versatile artist. He works day-in and day-out, despite the quarantine restrictions, in various studios collaborating with different musicians in his genre. Incorporating a distinct R&B-trap sound, he sure knows what he wants and where to take his music. Armed with sheer passion and innocently good looks, Jelo could very well be the next important artist to hit the local rap/hip-hop scene. 

Just very recently, Jelo became an online trending topic when he made history of becoming the very first Filipino rap artist to pass the blind auditions of The Voice Philippines across its adult, teens or kids categories. He performed Shanti Dope’s “Nadarang” which made two of the show’s coaches, Bamboo and Apl D Ap to turn their chairs. He eventually landed on Team Apl, which was an obvious choice, after performing an impromptu freestyle rap with the Black Eyed Peas member. 

That stint on The Voice has given Jelo not just recognition but also criticisms. Detractors say that it was pure comedic act, as no one would think a rapper will attempt to join a talent search dominated by belters. Instead of being discouraged, Jelo took all of those with an open mind and heart, and used those disapprovals as a way to further improve his craft. 
That exactly was the inspiration behind his first single “Kengkoy.” The song talks about not giving up, and to continue pursuing one’s dreams despite the rejections from people around you. The song embodies pure positivity, and Jelo’s seriousness about his art. A full album is already in the works, all songs composed and written by Jelo himself, which should validate that he is one of the most significant rap artists to emerge in this generation. 

“Kengkoy” is now available in all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

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