[Review] realme's new AIoT items now available in the Philippines

realme Philippines had successfully launched its latest Tech Lifestyle companions that would best compliment your realme devices. The brand is now more aggressive and showing no signs of slowing down as they launch the next wave of its Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) devices. Not too long ago, realme had sold-out launches of the realme Buds Air and realme Band. This is a sign that the clamor for quality and affordable devices huge, enter realme. Passionate in giving the best possible option for you to have the best tech and lifestyle experience.

Here's out video unboxing and review.

First up their realme Adventure Backpack. Is it unusual for a phone company to release backpacks? Maybe, but not really. This one is designed to accompany people who are always on-the-go. Targetting the young market who dares to leap and always chasing the next adventure, this 32L backpack is designed to hold a lot of your daily carry. Decked in black with a nice touch of realme yellow, this chic and trendy classic military design and safety buckle is so nice that you can use it for school, office, or for your next adventure. 
Looking at the design you can see the easily accessible side-pockets where you can put your water bottle, umbrella, or anything you can put that needs easy access to. At the back, you can see that realme Philippines has also provided a Trolley strap so you can slide the realme adventure backpack into the handle of your luggage. Holds it in place and avoids it from falling off. The multi-functional bands with the "Dare To Leap" tagline are seamlessly placed on the band which can also be used to hold items like towels, shoes and so much more. Thick pearl cotton straps and the extra padded silk handle adds the right kind of thought-out details making this backpack a worthy purchase. It's also has a 4-level splash resistant treatment so you don't need to worry about getting your gadgets and documents getting wet.
Inside is a separate laptop sleeve that can hold your 13-inch laptop and maybe even 15-inch. Zippered pocket inside to hold the small valuables and also easy access pockets inside so you can find your stuff easier. One cool thing about this backpack is that it has a side zipper for easy access. Now this will make it easier if you want to bust out something from the bag real quick or on checkpoints.

The SRP of this realme Adventure Back pack is _____________
THOUGHTS?  I guess if I have a comment here is that I would have loved another zippered pocket in front for more storage. And a hidden magnetic pocket to make it a bit cooler and maybe a whole where you can slide in the cable of your power bank. But overall, this is a pretty decent backpack that would definitely compliment your daily adventures.

Next up is the realme Buds Air Neo.
An affordable option for your next wireless Buds Air purchase, this second air buds release from realme promises low-latency with any smartphone. You can also activate the Super Low-latency (119,2ms) for gaming, make sure you're in game mode. You just need to hold both sides to activate and deactivate. Optimized by the Buds Air Neo's R1 True Wireless Chip, a nice feature giving users an instant auto connection with Google Fast Pair. This feature uses a new generation of dual-channel transmission technology. 
The realme Buds Air Neo has as 13mm Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) for the best audio experience in its price point. Capable of unleashing true bass potential and also bring in the dynamism and layers of the bass. One interesting feature here is that users are promised a total playback of 17 hours.
Similar to the realme Buds Air, this one also has intelligent touch controls. If you download the realme Link App you will further enhance your experience because you can do customization and also receive updates for your realme Buds Air Neo.

Here's a quick physical comparison of the realme Buds Air and realme Buds Air Neo

Available in white, the realme Buds Air Neo will also be available in greed and red soon. I'm guessing maybe Christmas? Would love a yellow one though. 

The SRP of this realme Buds Air Neo is Php 1,990. For their launch promotion, browse down below.
THOUGHTS? I love the easy to connect pairing. The DBB or the bass feature of the realme Buds Air is decent and you wouldn't feel any bass lacking. I guess that also depends on the type of music you're listening to. For its price, I think it is the best one yet in the market with its features. Now for the total number of playback hours, I wonder how long would the playback take on one go, hopefully, better than the realme Buds Air Duo. Last few things would be that it's using micro-USB instead of the preferred Type-C that the realme Buds Air has and lastly, wireless charging. Yea, this one doesn't have one list it predecessor. A nice to have feature bud not really a deal-breaker if I don't have it. Over-all I think this one if a real value-for-money purchase.

The last one is the realme Powebank 2.
Looking at it, you can see that the layout is clean. All the slots and other important parts are located on one portion of the PowerBank. type -A slot, type-C slot, power indicator, and the power button. The cable that comes with it is a micro-USB with a type-C adaptor. The body of the realme PowerBank 2 has line textures that make it easier to grip and wouldn't slide off when you have it back to back with your phone.
A juice box that stores 10,000 mAh of power at every full charge. One feature of this powerbank is that it can do an 18W Two-way quick charge. Meaning you can charge your devices fast and also recharge the realme PowerBank 2 fast. Another feature of this is safety, with multiple layers of protection and no capacity degradations after 500 charges. (This is a big deal!) The realme PowerBank 2 also has a feature to do low-current charging for AIoT devices. This feature allows for safe charging speeds. All you have to do is double-tap the power button to activate it.
Available in Yellow and Black colors. I'm not sure why but I find the realme Yellow so nice to look at. That's why I'm happy that I got the yellow one. 

The SRP of this realme PowerBank 2 is Php 1,190

Well, I like the design on how slim it is and the size of the realme PowerBank 2. I just wish that it had more available slots so that it can charge multiple devices at once. Another feature that would be a nice add on is wireless charging. But I guess with its price, it's just right. It fits the budgets and gets the job done.

Now, that the SRP is out of the way, let me share with you the promos lined up. These items will be available at the realme official store in Lazada and Shopee at a discounted price on June 19. Shopee and Lazada are offering a P 200 discount but Shopee offers an additional 4% discount. Just be sure to input the code REALMEAIOT4. Check out the price details below.
The realme Buds Air Neo in Lazada and Shopee is also offering FREE iconic case for the realme Buds Air Neo worth P 399 pesos!
TIP: Now, if you are thinking of getting these items early June 19 and placed them already on your cart, make sure you go for it and check out. Because these would run out fast. Similar to the release of realme Band and the realme Buds Air, it's going to sold-out because these are top-of-the-line features at a more affordable price. So I suggest go for it!

Here's our vlog where I share my initial impressions of these items.
YouTube: https://youtu.be/jgdyxPL-A1M

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