What is the best value gadget you can buy for PHP 4,490? The HUAWEI Y Series introduces a new member, the Huawei Y5p

Huawei takes a further step in making high quality products accessible to all 
As we progress through 2020, we are continuing to see the products and market of the smartphone industry enjoy a steady phase of development. However, there is still a sizeable blind spot in the market. There are around 400 million users worldwide that choose to use entry-level smartphones every year, but they do so without access to some of the best features available. To meet this demand from consumers, creating a high quality, high performance entry-level smartphone is something worth thinking about. 

Huawei launches the new HUAWEI Y5p 
The HUAWEI Y5p is the newest member of the HUAWEI Y Series, which manifests Huawei’s democratization of high-quality products, making Huawei’s premium experience accessible to all users. There are two main problems with entry-level phones in the past. First of all, there are concerns regarding the quality and life span of the smartphone. Second of all, users have poor experiences with them. The HUAWEI Y Series faces these problems front on, improving the overall user experience. Just from looking at the HUAWEI Y9s and HUAWEI Y7p, we can see that these models adhere closely to entry-level users’ needs. 

The target audience of entry-level smartphones is usually a younger demographic who have just entered the job market or are students. The three key concerns for this group are battery life, smooth experience and durability. Now, the HUAWEI Y Series ticks all the boxes when it comes to having a large display, large battery capacity and large storage space. On top of this, it provides the popular user experience of Huawei’s innovative EMUI. In terms of its durability, the HUAWEI Y Series has passed Huawei’s strict standards and TTF test, ensuring the device is reliabile and durable. This year’s HUAWEI Y5p also carries the previous Y Series’ desirable design and distinctive quality. All in all, the HUAWEI Y5p hosts a wide range of enticing functions in a delicate and beautiful appearance.

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A stylish, everyday design 
The HUAWEI Y5p uses a high quality 5.45-inch LCD screen, with an 18:9 screen ratio that allows it to display at least 10% more content than a traditional 16:9 ratio. Additionally, the back of the HUAWEI Y5p houses a recognizable lens matrix design amongst a finely engraved surface, which is fingerprint resistant. The whole smartphone body is streamlined and comfortable to hold. The HUAWEI Y5p is equipped with an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, which is suited to capturing photos day-to-day. The front sensor can recognize ambient lighting to help the user capture clear selfies and also supports facial recognition. 

In terms of battery life, the HUAWEI Y5p uses a 3020mAh (typical value) battery. According to official test data, the smartphone allows users to play videos for 17 hours continuously or surf the internet on 4G for 13 hours uninterruptedly. At the same time, the HUAWEI Y5p supports HUAWEI AI Power Saving, which can optimize your phone battery with a single tap (energy saving modes including Ultra Power Saving Mode). When the user has to be out and about all day, the standby time is prolonged, so battery life is not a problem anymore. 

To address the problem of slow responses, the HUAWEI Y5p includes a 32GB storage, MTK octa-core processor and adopts intelligent AI scheduling technology, which helps maintain smoothness when using it for long periods of time. Running on EMUI 10.1, HUAWEI Y5p supports Huawei’s proprietary EROFS file system that can increase available storage space, allowing users to store more music, photos and other files. 

As seen from all of the above, the limitations of price do not hamper the HUAWEI Y5p when it comes to delivering impressive specifications, important functionalities and impeccable design. 

Huawei AppGallery: Bigger and better every day 
The new Y Series, the Huawei Y6p and Huawei Y5p come pre-loaded with the AppGallery, Huawei’s official app distribution platform and the third-largest app store globally. All apps on the AppGallery work with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) as a framework, which seamlessly connects all Huawei devices. Every day the AppGallery grows bigger as more developers partner with Huawei, including all the top names like Facebook, Snapchat, and Viber for social apps, while Viu and iFlix offer a wide variety of media streaming titles. Online banking apps like PayMaya and Unionbank, news apps like GMA, ABS-CBN News and CNN and government services like SSS have landed in the AppGallery - with more on the way. 

The Huawei AppGallery is no ordinary app store because it has different features users can take advantage of, ultimately with the goal of giving the consumers better user experience. The Huawei App Gallery Rewards where HUAWEI points, app vouchers, exciting rewards, gift packs and VIP privileges are up for grabs at the AppGallery’s Gift Center. 

The Huawei Y5p retails for only PHP 4,490 and to know more about Huawei Y5p and to avail the newest member of Y series, you may check out these links: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/phones/y5p/ and https://web.facebook.com/notes/huawei-mobile/y6p-y5p-and-matepad-t-promo-details-and-store-list/2962385870509559

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